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The skeptical man just gave me the tonsil stone after having killed vicar amelia, the witches of hemwick and entering the forbidden woods, all in that order.
Now i cant seem to get him to say anything else so i can't direct him to a safe place.
Arianna gave me the tonsil stone
Oh man, I have tonsil stones; they *****ing suck. Smell awful and big ones make me feel like I'm choking on something until I hack them up.

BB is triggering my throat anxiety, FROMSoft plz nerf.

i got this stone after killing rom...?????? rom drops it
got one after killing vicar amelia and heading back to the guy just nearby central yharnam bonfire.
I got one yesterday after killing rom (latecomer to the game it is really fun) there was an NPC that gave me the stone he was in one of the doors on the way to Vicar Amelia I think he was the one that was originally yelling CURSES when you knock.
αμυγδαλα means almond, you gimp
In Norwegian, the tonsil stones in the throat is referred to as "Mandel" or "Mandelstein" (Literal translation: Almond or Almond stone.) There might be a connection across several languages, perhaps.