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On a 150 build i get 700 ar with 40 strength 32 intelligence and 31 faith
Oh, we aren't doing that...
This thing is absolute beast. At 27str, 24dex, and 30 int and faith, Dark Zweihander can 3 shot most phantoms when you have Dark Clutch ring on.
Could you make a build for me? including level, stats (Vigor/Endurance/tec) and armor?
clutch ring doesn't do***** in pvp
Fun fact: When this weapon is infused with Chaos, it becomes the only weapon in the game that Isn't for Casuls
Let's be real, Chaos infusion in this game IS for casuls.
as great as Giant Dad is, as long as someone uses a decent Longsword, Greatsword, or Ultra-Greatsword, or really any weapon that favors Strength, Faith, or Int, they aren't a complete *, unlike Bleed+Dex users they are a terminal illness
What still here? Hand it over. That thing, your Chaos Twohander. For my noobs pwnage.

What, still here? Hand it over. That thing, your chaos zweihander.



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This is a solid weapon for either a quality str/dex and a pure str build (with heavy infusion) but what bugs me the most about this weapon is the one handed R2 attack...I just can't stand that thrust, since I loved the overhead smash of the DkS1 counterpart
yea the DkS1 move set was the*****
actually i hit 750 ar on a sl meta dark build. it uses dark clutch ring, but it has 40 physical absorption and 40 poise. it also has a silvercat ring and 40 health and endurance
The thrust deals counter damage, meaning if you time it to hit during an enemy's attack animation it inflicts considerably more damage. Throw a Leo ring onto that and you can deal more damage with a counter thrust than with a backstab. This is especially valuable with poise weapons since you can poise through something like a weapon art, hit them for high counter damage from a decent thrust range, then roll out in case they're still spinning/exploding/whatever.

In other words, a thrust attack on any poise weapon makes it immensely more valuable if you play it right.
The thrust is my favorite part.
Been in love with this UGS since day one, it’s a monster and on top of having one of the best UGS move sets in the entire game it only weighs 10 units meaning stacking poise is extremely easy with this bad boy