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Why it has DS 1 icon now on the wiki?
Wish I could parry in this game, I'm too used to using the pistols in Bloodborne to git gud
I would recommend standard small shields to train you parries but you should look guides that explain the exact time to press the button. Trust me it is worth learning it
One of the worst kind of people is those who parry spams with the buckler, and after countless failed tries, they get a parry, one-shots you with hornet ring + dagger and then gives you a point down as if they thought they were good...
Exactly ! I hate it so much too , they even consider themselves "skilled"



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Whips are your friend.
where did the information "The earliest parrying shield available for non-Assassins" come from? the knight, warrior, thief, sorcerer, pyro, and (of course) the assassin all have parrying shields. 60% of the classes start with parrying shields...
nvm I misunderstood what "parrying shield" means, ignore this comment.