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Can you use this spell as an invader?
why use it as an invader? When you invade, enemy npc are already on your side


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The only instance you might need to use it is if the Host uses a Seed of a Giant Tree.
I'm not sure if it would work under those circumstances though. I haven't had the chance to try.
doesn't seem to work against wax priests. Golden winged knights sure, but wax headded iddiots? Nope.
Yeah, because of the wax in their head, it makes them immune to curses the same way as it makes you. Not only the "cursed" status, but every mind-like status effect
Why can't I mind control other player in PVP?
Can kidnap their family though, works every time.
How come the enemy gets the effect of rapport on there head but they still target, chase, and attack me?
Rapport means that they will also work against other enemies. Basically anything, including you or a phantom is game.
Took me a while to figure out but if you cast the spell while they are aggro’d on you or they just started to notice you, they will continue to attack or chase you. If you cast it without them noticing you THEN they will aggro on other enemies and simply ignore you. So don’t use it if they’re already attacking you. Also, if you attack them too much before the effect wears off they will aggro against you even if the effect is in place (the head is still glowing red), so kill them as quickly as you can or they will turn on you. Best way to do that is a quick backstab, take a few steps forward, charged R2, and then spam R1.



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A very solid utility spell. Very useful against the knights in lothric castle and Duke's Archives. Also against millwood knights in the DLC. I kind of wish the casting time was quicker, but still a fun gimmick.
Sages ring makes it quicker
Such a broken spell. You know those powerful knight-cleric that has a huge *** weapon (and AR) like 1000 HP and about 50% resist to everything? Yeah just hit him with this, which is since the spell range is longer than his aggro range, in one quick cast.

Now change your equipment (as he patiently stands there) to either farming gear or recovery gear (IE focus regen on critical hit) and stab him to bits. Turns the toughest non-boss enemies into pinatas.

And that's not even taking into account pitting them against each other! Normally facing 2 Lotric Knights at once is nigh-hopeless, but cast this, then hit the survivor with a feather and GG you win.

It's like From accidently incorporated a cheat code into pyromancy.
>facing 2 Lotric Knights at once is nigh-hopeless

A) It's Lothric not Lotric

B) Git gud

C) Pyromancy being op isn't news, Chaos Bed Vestiges exists. Just spam those and the game is over.
I must agree with the part about having them fight each other. Search for nice looking buddy, make him you temporary not-so-loyal husbando, buff him, heal him (by the time you are done, spell will wear off, so rapport again) and lure mobs to him.
Perfect for removing the grime of my way. (not quite tbh)
How is "git gud" even relevant here? He's saying it makes the Lotheric Knights easy kills. Man, the Dark Souls fan base can be cancer at times.
Love Jedi Mind Trick, or Bezerker Darts in Assassin's Creed. Great stuff. Some of the best game play around.
It would be even funnier if they just went on a rampage and started killing everything in their path, more aggressively than normal with buffed stats, including attacking us and random nearby breakable things, then jumped to their death when the effects were at an end, or fell asleep.
anyone else come by a glitch where an enemy u rapported keeps trying to kill you?
Only on the Lothric Castle main gate Greatsword variant Lothric Knight.
I wanted a crab buddy...