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does the range seem a bit off to anyone else? just saw someone use it in a fightclub and the butcher knife user outranged a dude with a spear
For an axe weapon it definitely has some great range on it but it should outrange a spear.
Maneater Mildred?
maybe sounds possible


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Hostile Invader NPC from DS1, appears in Blighttown close to the bonfire in the tunnel. She runs around with a Butcher knife too
Where oh where is my precious bleed aux on the weapon? Why would you remove it? Could have had an extra heal every time you cause a bleed.... It could of been a contender....
How can they remove something that it never had?
Did this get a buff in the latest patch?
This thing needs to be buffable. ****



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Does it stack with Pontiff Left Eye?
yes it does
An awesome backup weapon for pure strength builds :)

Currently running this for a 40/10 STR/DEX build (just to see if thay build is even goddamn feseable). The issue with high STR builds is finding good speedy options that scale well with your build. This weapon fills that niche beautifully.

Granted, it's not perfect. Health regen is better forgotten, can't be infused or buffed. But it's attack range, moveset versatility, attack speed, solid damage and low stamina drain speed make this a great choice.

Think of it a bit like a speedy, pure strength equivalent of an Executioner Greatsword (another much maligned, awesome weapon).
if you offhand this, will you get hp regen with each hit from your main weapon?
No, it's hits from the weapon itself, not a buff it gives
I feel like its a little past the point where just sharpening it is enough, but what do I know?