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Inside the chest, I got an unidentified legendary wand, about 500 gold and a random potion
The silly thing about this quest is that lizard characters need "Pet Pal" to speak to the salamander, Xiuh. If he's speaking ancient tongue, a language which you know. But I suppose Larian gonna Larian
This is a silly quest, I have Fane in my party and I just lockpicked the chest. No password necessary. But the quest didn't close after I looted the chest.
I can confirm what another post said. There's a Disembodied Leg on a table down in Ryker's basement that, when eaten by my Scholar elf, granted the password for the chest. This is not the same leg you dig up for the "Stranger in a Strange Land" quest, and the quest won't update after you eat the leg. But when you next speak to the chest, the option will be there. I don't know if you need to eat the leg after speaking to the chest for the first time, nor do I know if a non-Scholar elf can do it.
I had Sebille eat the leg in Ryker's basement, then let her interact with the chest and it gave the option to sing the song from the memory. No scholar tag was needed.
You can it it without schoolar tag, but if you use shapeshifting when you must eat and speak with chest in elf form.
Don't break it like I did. Then you can't complete the quest.
I lockpicked long before I got the quest...
did the same and now quest won't close
Not possible to lockpick ....
You can play as Fane, transform into a Lizard and it will count as being a Lizard for the quest steps.
Note: In definitive edition, this no longer works. Will need to grab red prince.
I should have done something wrong. I was not aware it was a quest (the close chest) so i teleported out of flames, and when i couldn't open it i left for later. I did the Ryker's quest, killing him, got the source point, collected anything from his house, killed xiuh (as he refused to speak with me aka Fane with pet pal talent), then i get back to the chest. I opened without any password (it didn't ask), but i can't close the mission. So my advice: do not follow my path, do not kill Xiuh it's worthless. :)
I found a way to still complete the quest! You can have someone attack and destroy it. The quest will properly close even though you previously lock picked it open and stole its contents.
I am not sure if there is really leg of Consul Zur is not at Ryker's basement. It may have been looted outside in Stone Garden and got mixed up with all the body parts in Ryker's Private Chamber.

Just respec any lizard (or undead as lizard) with Pet Pal and speak to Xiuh will be a better way of getting the password to the chest and close the quest.