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Why does this site not have the one piece of useful information I want? Is the weapon parryable? Yes or no and for what moves?
Two-handed and one-handed running and rolling attacks can be parried. Two-handed R1s and R2s can't be parried, one-handed R1s can be parried but i don't think the R2s can.
This information is the same for all large hyper-armor weapons except Curved Greatswords.
İts a *****ing greathammer what are you expecting
In my unending quest to create the perfect cleric build I've come to really appreciate and grow fond of this weapon. At 50 STR heavy infused+10 spiked mace deals 540 one handed. at 45 FTH a lightning blade buff and you get 722 one handed. My favorite thing to do with my Pale Cleric build is to use Sunlight Strait Sword WA, then Lightning infuse the Mace, 2H it with Grass Crest Shield on my back and kill pretty much anyone at SL120-160 in ~2.5 hits. This is of course only viable when somebody is willing to stand there and let you buff. This thing can compete with Mornes Hammer, and it definitely has a better moveset than Earth Seeker (In My Opinion, Earth Seeker is just endlessly baiting people into your hits by pretending you think that they're dumb enough to fall for that WA, it's a merciless Cleric weapon in PvE however.)

This weapon however seems to shine with Poison and Bleed infusements. Even with my low luck I noticed that much like the wooden hammer a Bleed infusement gets jacked all the way up to 100 Status Effect points. nearly the same for this mace. A dangerous stunlock-fest combo is to Right hand a Spiked mace with Bleed and Left Hand a Wooden Hammer with Poison.

L2 R1 L2 R1 L2 R1
Anyone in heavier armors such as Dragonslayor Amour or Black Iron set is pretty well finished. This works surprisingly better on Console than PC.

A good baiting attack with this weapon is it's weapon art, You probably already know this, but if you just use the WA you do one spin, if you press R2 afterwords you'll do a second spin then a downward slam attack catching somebody with this is hard as the two spins, which don't deal much damage are usually a good indication to start rolling away, however you can launch into a second R2 immediatly afterwards to catch more eager combatants offguard with a punishing attack, this is easy to do on accident as DS3 tends to Que up to three moves sometimes (How DARE you button mash...)

One last very unimportant note, this weapon does NOT deal any thrust damage it seems. I only bring it up as weapons such as the scythes can deal blunt damage (If the player strikes the target with the handle rahter than the blade it deals blunt damage) but this weapon despite it's menacing spikes doesn't seem to deal any subliminal thrust damage. Strike Damage can easily be favored in the game it's the main weakness of most enemies AND most armors, but the lack(?) of thrust damage is odd only for the sake of its appearance.

One of the weapons that balances extremely well in PvE just as well in PvP, and probably the second leaast used. Despite being an early game weapon this is easily one of my favorite late game weapons.
So, the r1 l2 r2 combo was removed, but r1 l2 r1 still works,costs less FP, and does more damage
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This thing is poison for PvP, kills any and all armor builds and can poise through far too much.
Does this weapon have the highest bleed?
Nope, at 40 Luck +10 Blood infused this weapon has 91 bleed whereas the Carthus CGS has 99. Carthus is the best bleed weapon in the game by far (not counting Frayed Blade).
At 60 FTH / 60 STR with a +10 Yorshka's Chime, this weapon buffed with Darkmoon Blade has an AR of 825. If you want something that with the true combo brutalizes in the arena? Have at it with this.
It seems as though the r1 l2 r1 true combo has been removed? I can't seem to land it.
Works perfectly fine for me.
Spiked Mace's true combo can still do nearly 1000 damage with just 50 STR at +9 with a pine bundle.
Evangelists keeps dropping her pants. . .hoe
How to even counter that shiet when you're dead after one mistake or misspacing?
best farming spot i've found so far is : from the cliff underside bonfire drop down to the stone bridge, there is an evangelist right here, kill it and bone out. cat ring could be useful since there are some other enemies around and you dont wanna be too low health when fighting them