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I'm soul mem 35 MIL, and I need 12 more medals. Message nuclearnoob on PS4 if you want to help.
I can help, my nickname on psn is Jonkillerman
On ps4. I did a speedrun to get to the covenant. Soul memory 60k. I wanna max it out as early as possible. Message uglybros279 if you can/want to help
im on xbox one soul memory 18 million my gamertag is nerion41 message me personally if you need help.
Looking to get summoned, SM 19 million, using small soapstone at black gulch for rotten fight. Just need that sunlight spear
Praise the sun!
need 17 more medals 8.7M sm
Summoning/matching is so broken. Glad they simplified all of this in Bloodborne, and further in Dark Souls 3.
Because we all know how much people love the Bloodborne online play, AM I RIGHT GUYS!?
Anyone can help me out on this one? GT Madsand360Man
Im 6M memory soul, sign place on castle, anybody?
NG+ farming these at Nashandra