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Doku?! Impossible, you died!
I'm fairly sure this character is based on a man named Yasuke.
His A.I. is a little broken. (attention, I played the 1.01 version.. don't know if this A.I. problem still persists in 1.02+)
You can run away from him and walk between the pillars - if his sight to you is interrupted for a specific time, he don't know where you are.
Causing him to walk back at his "spawn point" infront of that grave (or chest?) like these normal enemies do, he will wait until he sees you. From that, you have plenty time to backstab him. Repeat that and you won't have any problems with this boss fight.
I will upload clip on YT of the broken A.I. and post the link afterwards.
this *** is still called Obsidian for me though i got Digital download and i live in EU sure its not Just in germany with this dark samurai name?
I got The german Version from psn and he is still called Obsidian Samurai

The only black guy in the game is called the obsiadian/ebony samurai?
It says in his Amrita Memories card that he was the first African Oda Nobunaga met (which is why Oda found him so intriguing), and that Oda couldn't believe his skin color was really that dark, and wasn't convinced until he saw him bathe.

This is Japan in the 1600's, black people are not really commonplace or common knowledge, so it makes sense Yasuke would draw a lot of attention. I think it's honestly a pretty realistic portrayal, and actually pretty positive since Oda bought him out of slavery and made him a warrior, and it's pretty heavily implied they became good friends.
He is actually a historical character; an African samurai called Yasuke who served Oda Nobunaga. Just imagine the impression a muscular, tall african man would cause in Japan in the XV century. I think "Obsidian samurai" is a quite realistic nickname for a character like this, considering the age in which he lived.
does he drop the crafting writ for his axe?


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yes it does. I found it the 3rd time that i fought him.
Another samurai fight, with nothing in particular beyond he hits pretty hard. Just the same strategy: strike when ki is low and get a grapple attack.
Use water damage. Seems to be resistant to all the other ones.
Black people can't swim.