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***** this place.
Okay I tried to go twice but has soon as I reach the door I get invaded by red phantom...WAY stronger than me judging by; damage, gear and defense. Is it suppose to be this way ?
...Like tenth attemps and they still spawn every time...I don't get it am I suppose to go grind before coming back ? Bc I fought real invadors that weren't so strong...
I feel like I'm talking to myself but if anyone sees this...upon further investigation, it is meant to be like this! That area is meant to be done with allies. They should've explain it somehow.
This place makes no sense even after defeating the invadors they keep coming. I lost all my souls and humanity, I am unable to progress at all since yesterday. The mage just spam soul spear, the girl has a knife/wip? And the tank is just insanely tough. It was probably great when the game came out and there was ton of coop but now I'm completely stuck bc there's no one to help.
I have Dark Souls II for PS3
I can help you if it is possible!
add me ill help you SNIPEGODLY
Join Company of Champions covenant > Farm Humanity > Infinite respawns > Profit

It's not possible to get into such trouble that there is no way forward. There's always a way.
no summon sign for Manhunter (or anyone for that matter) anywhere between flaming heads and old iron king fog fate. I am in human form, so not sure why its not there?
never mind. doesn't say in article above but in link for old iron king fight, it mentions you need special version of game for manhunter summon
Note: On spawning the Oliver the Collector spirit at the Chest, the dude spawned before I even opened it. So it seems as long as you're in the area he can spawn.
Your website automatically sends me to a *****ing spam site. ***** you
awful, cheap area. one of the lowest low points of dark souls
Piece of***** area, what the actual ***** Fromsoft?! This is not only the worst area in all of dark souls, but also one of the worst stages in all games I've ever played. Ridiculous enemy placement, the floor is insta-kill, everything takes at least 3 hits to down. Did a *****ing dumb 5-year-old design this level going all like "xdd lets place 33295239759823 enemies all over the place and also put two*****ty bosses in there lmao. also insta kill lava XD. dark souls is all about difficulty :DDDDDD" ***** this place and ***** every single piece of***** developer who worked on this. And this is coming from someone who got into DS2 with a lot of enthusiasm. I'm just done at this point, this is ridiculous and abysmal game design.



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Git Gud \(o.o)/ Just kidding, my recommendation is go through this place very slowly. The knights are easy to take down 1 by 1. If you got too fast or don't use the shortcuts, you will get destroyed by the stupidly high amount of knights, but if you take it slow and summon sunbros like myself, the area is a little better. DONT GIVE UP SKELETON!


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Petty exaggeration to vent irrational frustration aside, it seems ironic that you're blaming the fictional dumb 5-year-old who designed the area when the real culprit is the actual dumb 5-year-old who left your comment. Enemy placement is fine, "the floor is lava" is not a new concept by any means, and 3 hits to down is fairly optimal for mobs in not just that area, but the entire game, assuming you haven't been overlevelled up until that point. This isn't even a "git gud" situation, this is a "git some *****ing humililty" situation and understand that your inability to play the game isn't due to poor game design, otherwise the majority of players would describe the same difficulty.
why you haves to be mad is just a game
can you only get to certain areas through dlcs?
Tip: In the area with the collapsing platforms over the lava, 2 things.
First, the platforms don't collapse from stepping on them, but instead there are hard-to-spot switches on the black strips that cause them to collapse. Don't touch the switch and the platforms don't fall.
Second, if you, like me, tripped the switch at the start of the area and made the ladder impossible to reach, don't worry. It isn't impossible. If you avoid collapsing the platforms to the sides of the ladder platform, you can perform an unarmored run and jump to reach it. Don't freak if you die in the attempt, I very nearly rolled off the other side of the platform.