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shut the ***** up *****
I got the sword without ever talking to the head. I didn't kill it either, the sword was just lying there on top of the head.
If you don't kill him, Simon does.
With top tier abyssal nourishing gems this thing Tops the ludwigs holy blade on damage easily. Not pure physical but in my experience it still does more damage anyway.
nar lud does 977 50/50 all 27.2 phys gems and you can put fire or bolt paper on it sorry mate you're wrong
You were by my side all along...
this weapon makes gehrman a meme fight, when at mid distance, do a forward R2, and it'll hit him as he attacks, and it staggers him, that was the whole fight, up button, triangle, forward R2, and charged R2 when he charges up. in fact, if you're good enough with spacing, you can use charged R2 the whole fight
Hey Seath how's it feel to be a biiitttccch
He ain't got no legs or nothin'