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I got the sword without ever talking to the head. I didn't kill it either, the sword was just lying there on top of the head.
If you don't kill him, Simon does.
You did not notice but there must have been an arrow in the head. That's Simon's handy work... Now if you went on your adventure, you missed the encounter with Simon at Ludwig's head.
With top tier abyssal nourishing gems this thing Tops the ludwigs holy blade on damage easily. Not pure physical but in my experience it still does more damage anyway.
nar lud does 977 50/50 all 27.2 phys gems and you can put fire or bolt paper on it sorry mate you're wrong
nah, LHB is still #1
I have a Holy Moonlight sword with 1090 attack...checkmate LOL!!!
You were by my side all along...
at* :^)
this weapon makes gehrman a meme fight, when at mid distance, do a forward R2, and it'll hit him as he attacks, and it staggers him, that was the whole fight, up button, triangle, forward R2, and charged R2 when he charges up. in fact, if you're good enough with spacing, you can use charged R2 the whole fight
Hey Seath how's it feel to be a biiitttccch
He ain't got no legs or nothin'
Why doesn't the basic one have either a waning or crescent imprint? It's a goddamn moon
The moonlight greatsword is truly the greatest weapon from has ever made, period. Not only do the constantly make this beauty great in every game but the incorporate it in a way that makes it feel like they actually care about it. The blade is simply stunning in visual design, combat prowess, and overall importance to the narrative of the game. However this version of the sword is simply perfect, everything about it from the effects on the moonlight waves to the transformation to the reveal of it in the game screams perfection. This is without a doubt the biggest reason why I love these games so much. And I don't care what anyone says, there IS a great one living within the glow of the blade and that great one is the collection of spirits, undead, hollows, hunters and ashen ones who chose to brandish the legend of the Holy Moonlight Greatsword! (Love you From!)
What is the concrete reason to dislike this post?
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because you're sperging out like an aspie
The people who disliked the post, were the ones who failed to beat the boss, or forgot to obtain the sword after beating the boss.
I'm pretty sure it's just a normal Great One.
My good god I wrote this post for kicks and giggles, I wasn't expecting to get 55 likes!
you started listing off the players from the games "spirits, undead, hollows, hunters, and ashen ones" well you forgot slayer of demons and whatever kings field's main protagonists is.
Hey OP here, my deepest apologies Anon6, but I haven't had the honor to play kings field before so that's why I didn't list it. As well I couldn't be asked to search it up after playing the weapon after 2 years of waiting, I was too excited.
the collection of Alexanders and Devians,(thats what google said the protagonist of kings field were, correct me if I'm wrong) slayers of demons, undead, hollows, hunters, ashen ones.
What kind of gems are best on a 25STR, 25SKI, 40ARC build using this? And which chalices can I find them on? Also, am I better off with the normal, uncanny or lost version?
Nourishing is probably best.
So I have a character right now with 40STR 30Skill and 20Arc
I'm in the process of increasing their Arcane, what is a good level to get my Arc to, to see some actual good damage but not waste levels.
Between 50-60 is when you finally notice changes on arcane damage. If you're not planning on invest that many levels, might as well leave like that and focus on Strength/Skill weapons.
the arcane scaling is major but the weapons base arcane damage is pretty low, so with nourishings, 50 arcane is fine. if you want your tools to do damage though, shoot for 70-99 (between 90-99 is a HUGE jump in damage for hunter tools) thanks to the huge multipliers on charged attacks, even a small +2 or so damage increase per point of arcane can net you up to 20+ damage with the charge attacks and L2.