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I killed Aldrich right as he started to shoot his arrows, which killed me too. We both fell...
He was my 3rd lord of cinder and the cutscene started. I was alive again baby! But then I died in the Lothric church as soon as the cutscene ended, lol!



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killed Aldrich with Pestilent Mist with my sorcerer class
i recommend it for this boss if you're pure mage
Thanks bro that really help
Why has nobody commented on how much Aldrich looks like Gwyndolin?


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because its gwyn, nearly devoured by alrich.
Hey buddy...did you come in from stupid town?
But crystal sage is the easiest boss in the entire game?
Crystal Sage IS the easiest in the game IMO.
Just thought I'd chime in here and offer a tip that worked for me: if you have a decent greatbow (Millwood, for example) and some good arrows, Aldrich is very succeptible to piercing/ranged damage. All you really have to worry about is dodging the little purple orbs and the occasional laser attack and running away from arrows obviously. Be patient and focus an attack only when he's idle/prepping an attack. Worked out really well for me given that I usually do only melee.
I used dragon rider bow solely with feathered arrows and no special moves. Especially handy in stage two to counteract the fire trails that would hurt melee based attackers
not that vulnerable to vow of silence, he can still us the arrows, tested it several time (and yes, the debuff was still active for both of us)
It is interesting to note that since the Cathedral has been more or less consumed by the dark from Aldrich and that Rosaria is there now using it as a safe-heaven, is imprisoned, or was there when the place was corrupted the; that the two are related. This is pure speculation but the fact Rosaria is now in the area where area where a recently awoken, and likely very hungry, Aldrich left gives me a slight reason to believe that Rosaria's soul, which has connection to Gwynevere because of the transportable miracle, was an attractive snack and was possibly half eaten, as we know Aldrich to be one to do. My only explaination for the differnce in the the half eaten top of Aldrich, aka Gwyndolin, and Rosaria, is that Rosaria using the latent power of her presumable mother was able to recreate parts of her body and save her own life. This likely came at a cost of her own tongue as a creul joke on the fact her life was saved, and mother was known for (Princess's Guard Covenant rewards in DS 1), miracles. Why those like Kirk, Leonhard, and all the other Rosaria's Fingers were drawn to the persuit of giving Rosaria tongue's back or comforting her, I do not know.

This is my first more or less thought out Lore post so I would apprachiate any helpful comments or additions. Or just say its dumb, to each thier own

I tried to use as correct grammar as I knew how as well, but I admit it ain't perfect. I know I can ramble in sentences a bit but hopefully its easy enough to read to get the point across.

That could also explain why you can only get one thing from her soul...
I don't get it. Is he a slug or something? I basically just see a blob, especially in the intro video
As Hawkwood states "he ate so many be bloated up like a drowned pig" so we can assume he ate so many people that he just turned into a horrific amalgimation
So i killed aldrich and after that i went into a cut scene and was then teleported to the room where the dancer was, and when i was teleported someone said that i need to save the prince soul. Some one please help me understand this.
It means you get to fight the Dancer now. After Emma (the old lady) dies, approach the knight statue behind her & enjoy.
Keys to surviving this fight for me: in the first phase Aldrich will rotate and kind of push you around in front of him when he's firing his arrows, so run to his side as fast as you can and you can get some hits in on his tail; with the arrows in the second phase, I found it better to sprint just ahead of them--they track behind you and it's easier to see if Aldrich is going to fire his giant soul arrow; the Wolf Knight Greatsword (upgraded as much as you can) is your friend; there isn't much point in blocking, just dodge and run, staying as close as you can before Aldrich starts his teleportation.

The guide also tell you that he'll teleport to the corner farthest from wherever you're standing. This is true, but you can't jump the gun on heading for that corner. If you start running too early, he'll teleport somewhere else (usually the corner to his right or left, depending where he is).