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Hi i'm RoyalBeast i plan on revealing my real name after i've been on the site for awhile but anyways i'm a gamer who loves dark souls and ESO i'm a big nerd i love knowing things and learning new information i also play warframe WoW and other rpg/mmo games i mainly play on ps4 my user name is XxRoyalBeast86xX yes yes i know such a try hard named lol I wish i could change it sometimes but i sort of grown to it i'm sure you will too well anyways if you ever wanna play with me add that psn.



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welcome aboard.
i would say its more of a meme name than anything else.

in case you wonder i don't capitalize the start of my sentences because i believe the practice to be antiquated.


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I have never revealed my real name here, I don't know anyone who has, and I wouldn't recommend doing so. The people who post here might be trustworthy, but literally anyone can visit the site at any time without creating an account and see everything you've ever posted.

You can if you really want to, but it isn't at all necessary and won't make a difference.


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My real name was shown, cause it was during a sweepstakes. Anyways, hello and welcome. It's nice to see new faces, especially since a lot of old faces have seemingly left for the most part.

Here's all you need to know

Fexelea and Castielle are the admins, major S&M pervs, and possibly a couple (at least they are in my ship)

The mods are color coded blue, so remember, if you're going to do something illegal, make sure there are no co-I mean mods around.

TSMP is your go to man for anything Dark Souls (After something Fexelea said, I've begun to think he's a secret dev, but don't tell him that)

I am the comedic genius of these forums

There is a RPG party I and a few others are a part of. If you are willing to sell your dignity, innocence, purity, and literal soul to to the dark gods of the internet, maaaaaaaaaybe you can join, but seriously, if you ain't a hardcore WTF weeboo weirdo, I recommend NOT under any circumstances, looking up our old threads. Sh!t got real back then..........getting real now....but on Discord and roll20...................we've evolved over time.
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Hello! Welcome to Fextralife! I hope you enjoy your stay with us. I'm MotherEternity. Some call me Eternity. Others Mum. I'm the forum donut maker. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me or anyone else on the mod team. We in blue aren't as bad as Eldritch would lead you to believe...and you'll never know when I'm on anyways as I'm always lurking in the darkness (squints at @EldritchImagination)

We also have a discord that you may enjoy to talk with others currently playing games. Look for the chat link :)

Have Fun!
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