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If anyone want to safe me time and just drop a few wepons i missed, pls text me PSN: Trust_in_Dust


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would someone drop the Channeler's Trident i would be really pleased and will give game key in exchange
please also add that the weapons cannot be upgraded as the system normally (or at least for me) wont recognize any weapon that is upgraded.
If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful and would be willing to help with the remaster, PSN: Squatting_Tramp
I had a friend help me out I got the trophy last night! :) Now to get all the spells.
If someone wants to help me with this please add me on Steam: TomyFlu


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what do you need help with, bud?
I got all the weapons and trophy so now I’m taking a break. If you guys want my rare weapons feel free to reply PS3 only
That'd be awesome!
PM me on psn?