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Overall, I enjoyed it, but believe it fell back a step or two from the first season. Great use of culture to set the mood and scenes, but the writing seemed somewhat lazy at times. Still loving the kids, though not nearly as much as they slowly evolve into teens (perhaps this is realistic). And if El cannot manage to have a scene without a nosebleed, she is not long for this world; either one. And the one episode granting El a sister was a waste; would have preferred to have stuck to Mama, and not on some rather bland sibling morality tale.

Still worth a look for those that enjoyed the first season; give it a 8/ 10 for an Above Average score.
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The actors make this show really good, as many mentioned they are unconventional which is a breath of fresh air. Season 2 started off strong I thought, but ended without anything really happening. Looking forward to another Season (hopefully), but I'll have less expectations I think.

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