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I'm a fan of unorthodox builds, and I love Tempest and building hard-to-kill characters, so I figured "why not" since some of the skills (the Twin Fangs upgrade with front damage) and items (Malika's guard, Andraste's Sacrifice) can be seen to promote a more....unconventional DW Tempest build. It's pretty fun and flexible, but certainly can be optimized.

General playstyle: Poisoned weapons (with Leeching Poison) pre-fight, Hook and Tackle (with It Beats Walking) in, and Flask of Frost. As your mages slam Shock/Weakened/Burning, you hit that Spinning Blades (not sure about the upgrade, see below) and spread that status, and Flask of Lightning and/or Fire to keep hitting SB or just regular attacks as you H&T to enemy archers/anyone you want (especially despair demons, H&T is fantastic versus them).

I did some googling/Youtube/Fextralife searching to see what's been said about this since it's not a novel concept (although not one looked at too much). I play on Nightmare with most trials turned on (but no FF).

Couple of questions/topics of discussion:

1) Spinning Blades and Flurry/Neverending Spin: Looking at the actual mechanics of Spinning Blade, it says "Each hit removes all status effects on the victim. For each unique status effect removed, applies one stack of that effect to all enemies in a 6 meter radius around the caster." This means that Spinning Blades takes off whatever status effect is on the enemies hit, and reapplies that to everything in a 6 meter radius (i.e. if Spinning Blades hits a Frozen enemy, a Burning enemy, and a Bleeding enemy, it removes those statuses, then adds a stack of Frozen, Burning, and Bleeding to all three of the mentioned enemies).

However, Flurry has "Hits from Spinning Blades no longer remove status effects from victims" in addition to "Reduces the maximum number of strikes per enemy from 5 to 1. Greatly increases the range of all strikes." But since the default Spinning Blades already spreads the original status removed from an enemy to ALL enemies in the 6m radius....isn't Flurry's only real benefit then the increased range? I don't think that's worth an ability point, at least compared to Neverending Spin which procs if you hit any of the dudes you're going to nail with Spinning Blade with....a basic attack it seems?

2) Andraste's Sacrifice vs Malika's Guard: For a DW Tempest Tank, these amulets seem like good options. Andraste's Sacrifice gives 10% CDR which is great because you won't always have Flask of Fire active (and for a DW Tempest Tank you'd want the 0% cooldown upgrade I believe), and the increased stamina regeneration is nice on a Stamina-hungry build like this. 10% chance to taunt on hit is great since you attack fast and want to be tanking/off-tanking, and this also means you don't REALLY need the AoE taunt upgrade for Flask of Frost, which is nice. You also build Guard when you proc the taunt, which again is great with the high attack speed of Tempest Rogue.

On the other hand, Malika's Guard is also really nice. 30% Front Defense is good because we will be taking damage and hitting things in the face, and +20% Attack and +10 Dexterity are pretty significant bonuses. However, -50% flanking damage is noticeable especially when your main tank is drawing aggro and you're hitting from the side and back. This can be somewhat offset by the Deepstalker Sigil, but then you're sitting at -30% Attack and the +150% flanking damage isn't really the point of this build.

3) Parry, Poison Cloud, etc.: Is Parry worth a spot in this build? It's useful for handling slow heavy hitters like Hurlock Alphas and the like (you at least avoid damage it's not really about dealing huge damage with it), and if you set it to prefer, the AI generally does decently (since this is a build that isn't really AI friendly much). On the other hand, this build takes up a lot of active slots (as do most Tempest builds), so yea.

Poison Cloud with the upgrade is great....BUT the bug where elusive stacks stick around post-combat and ruin audio+visuals everywhere means I just cannot use the damn thing (and if you're getting Cloud you're getting it for that upgrade I feel) and there's no bugfix sans turning on FF.

ANYWAYS, plenty of things I didn't cover (is Throwing Blades worth it here, the frontal Twin Fangs upgrade too, etc.), but any thoughts/experience would be greatly appreciated. Again, I do want to keep the theme of tank/offtank Tempest, so forgoing all of it for a more standard DW or Archer Tempest (yes, I know Malika's guard is great for Archer Tempest) is a no-go as I've done those already.