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Why did they switch this to magic armor? It made much more sense when the saving throw was physical
It seems like they were trying to mostly separate it into physical damage -> physical effects, magical damage -> magical effects. Of course, there are some exceptions (Impalement and Earthquake), but they mostly come from magical attacks causing effects that are not only typically caused by physical attacks, but are clearly physical ailments (having damaged legs, literally laying on the ground). Plus I think it makes sense, I mean Petrification is not a natural physical effect. It is only within the game that it exists (not counting the effect on wood/etc. that takes hundreds/thousands of years), via the existence of magic.
how does this scale? with intelligence??



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I believe this skill's damage scales exclusively with character level. It never does much damage, it's mostly for the Petrified crowd control mechanic.
It does not scale with any attribute, just Geomancy.
The damage value of this skill does not scale as well as Dragon's Blaze when leveling. It's improved by investing into Gemomancy though does not make this ability worth it for it's damage output and it's not really seem worth the 2 AP for petrifiying one enemy.