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Nice article. And many good points in the replies.
But for me personally, Announakis nailed it.

It also doesn’t help that I’m more or less burnt out on gaming in general.



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Yeah, there just haven't been many outstanding games lately. I mean, there's the hits, but the stuff the Souls community seems to graduate toward is a... Dying breed, I guess.

I think a lot of the mainstream, AAA gaming companies are pretty much set in their "yearly release of a graphic update of a 6 year old game, and we added loot boxes to grab more cash" ways, while indie or smaller AAA devs can still to outside the box a little more, and make quality games.

Soulsborne games killed a lot of combat systems for me, while the story and world building pushed my likes further from mainstream. I think the last big AAA game I bought was... Dark Souls 3, actually. Everything else has been indie or small dev groups.

Also, I'm glad Dark Souls is done with now. It gives From somewhere to leap off of in a new direction. Just hope to hear from them soon.



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http://steamcharts.com/cmp/236430,33530 ... 211420#All
if you look at the numbers there are a couple of interesting trends or take-aways.

* dark souls 2 collectively has more players than dark souls one but they are both pretty close and are experiencing a slow decline in player-base.
* dark souls 3 started out with 65% more players than 2 did but by the second month of its release it had two thousand less than dark souls 2 had in its second month.
* dark souls 3s larger more spaced out dlc had a large spike effect in comparison to dark souls 2s faster releases that helped stabilize the player base.
* its hard to tell what the effect of the scholar of the first sin edition had on total player count.
* dark souls 3 seems to be experiencing a faster decline than one or two but still maintains about 66% the total dark souls player base.
* dark souls 3s decline does not seem to effect the players of the previous games.

i conclude that the souls series and its brethren continue to grow in total popularity and would anticipate the next release to have a 160,000 initial player base. however it is not clear how long the next release will maintain these players.


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One thing I forgot to mention and I just realized by firing up a new character in Demon's Souls is how *fun* and satisfying the gameplay can be in its simplicity. I am a PvE player and taking up a Faith build with a halberd is a new experience for me. I finished The Last of Us and needed something uncomplicated to play (bear with me on this one).

Soulsborne are considered some of the hardest games out there, but observation, memory and anticipation make even average players like myself feel pretty good about their skills. And the system allows for plenty of variation too with different builds, weapons, styles... Overall, a experienced player may have already seen all of this, but after how many hours?

Regarding lack of new innovative games, I felt that way when I first played Demon's Souls. These days I can appreciate other games for other things, and got over a bit of gaming burnout through these games. Maybe the next From game will be a new experience; maybe it will be stagnant. But for what they have achieved (make me appreciate games as a whole after falling out with them) I can only show appreciation.