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Is Blood Sucker Self Target only, OR, is it any Target?
Any target.
Does Blood Sucker hurt you if you're an undead character?
The info on the undead race does say it can be healed by blood sucker as well as mosquito swarm.
Does this scale with int? The skillbook ingame seems to imply that high int improves it.
You can target anyone in range. It scales with blood around the target not around the caster. You can heal undead with it. Target with decay will recive dmg instead.
Is it scaled with hydrophisist?



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It does not, it isn't technically a Water-based skill (blood and water are not interchangeable). It scales exclusively with character level and amount of blood being sucked up.
Does great healing if the target is entirely surrounded by blood. If the area of effect it shows is filled with blood, you get max healing. If you use it on undead it heals them but use it on a decaying target instead for massive physical damage. Now scales with warfare if used to damage this way. An underated spell