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Is it actually good?
I prefer Blacksky to this. 2 shots of Blacksky do a little bit more damage (around 50-75 more damage) than one hit of this (at least when I tested them both).
Single target go with Optic Blast, multiple go with Brew.
It's good for multiple opponents and hitting behind obstacles thanks to its AoE. If i get good at it, you can throw it ahead of where ur opponents go. Overall, pretty dang useful for just 2 bullet cost.
The poor lad gave me this while I was entering the fishing hamlet, without defeating Kos. (NG, milkweed rune on)
Is this regular ?
Thank you.
Incredibly good against hordes of foes, used on optional area before boss in layer 2 ailing lorran chalice, on the summones spidera, about 10 spiders, works as a grenade perfect for clearing the area
Didn't know about the AOE. Always used it on bosses, except Rom (the irony...)
That's not trivia... That'd more likely go under notes.
I beat the last boss and went back for the item but it didn't drop. Are there any other requirements?
dosnt drop with milkweed rune on..
You get the milkweed rune from adeline after giving her 3 brain fluid
dosnt drop with milkweed rune on..
I was able to kill him by shoving him off the cliff but you don't get blood echoes or anything xD it was worth a shot I guess
The one at the VERY start of the fishing hamlet. He talks about curses 'n stuff as you walk by...
Need the milkweed rune on
You don't need to defeat the last boss. Just need the rune
You get the milkweed rune from adeline after giving her 3 brain fluid
Just talk with the NPC with milkweed equipped, he'll give you the item.
which NPC?
Need the milkweed rune on
he also doesn't die. Ever. Try killing him, he'll live with no hp bar forever, the *****er.
Can someone add the creepy dude's unique dialogue when he gives this to you?
"Curse here, Curse there. Curse for he and she, why care? A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea, source of all greatness, all things that be. Listen for the baneful chants. Weep with them, as one in trance. And weep with us, oh, weep with us..."
And boom! Item in your pockets!
Ah, mama Swamp's fireball . . . Such splash. Much 360. Much wins.
Looks more like this poor victim received a kiss from a brain sucker.

Ironically, eyes are exactly what brain suckers are after when they tap your noggin.
Or the witches of hemwick had a great Yharnam party with the poor sod xP
Arcane in this game is basically just bad... I don't see how anyone is having fun with arcane builds. PURE arcane builds, I mean.
It's weaker but when you're good at playing it makes it fun to try and use some of the tools as a challenge.
Pure arcane builds are pretty great, some weapons (Moonlight Greatsword) scale pretty great with arcane, plus there's a bunch of bosses you can kill way too easily with arcane spells - Black sky eye: Micolash doesn't run away when you hit him with it for example. Laurence's second phase is a joke with BSE. Yeah there are bosses that are more trouble with Arcane builds than with normal ones, but it's still fun to play and that's the point.



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Have you ever used a call beyond I took out half of Gascoigne's health on ng+ using it
Incorrect. You need a few Augurs to the butt. That'll learn ya.
Well.. when you've made pretty much every other build in the game, going through and doing 600+ damage with a BlackSky Eye seems pretty cool to me..
I think every build in this game is fun, nothing about pure Arcane is "bad" except starting the build off
Just like dark souls arcane builds are very strategic fighting strength and beast saw builds are fun they go got a one shot three hit kill now that's no skill