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Very similar to DaS2's Royal Soldier set.
I've searched forums and wikis, but none seem to explain whether you can still get Leeroy's loot if you kill him AFTER killing Nito. I play hollowed most of the time to not waste humanity, so I didn't even know Leeroy existed.

Nito is dead, Leeroy isnt, will I still get the loot?

Would be a good note to add to any wiki.
To get the armor (and weapon) of Leeroy, you need to kill him. In order to actually meet him, you've to be in human form AND the area-boss must still be alive. When you trigger his invasion, kill him. Then, after you kill Nito, you can loot this from his corpse in Nito's area.

This goes for most of the 'invaders': Mildred, Kirk, the dude with the big hat @ Ariamis. You need to be in human form AND the boss must still be alive

If you missed it, you can get a retry in you next playthrough
You cannot get it if you've killed Nito already. Invasions of all types (NPC and Player) are disabled once an area boss is dead. You cannot kill Leeroy after killing Nito. It's simply not possible. Same applies to any NPC invader, like Kirk, or Maneater Mildred.
If you kill Leeroy you can get his set without killing Nito by just going in the coffin for the gravelord servant covenant and pick it up on the right when you get there. Alternatively, just start the boss battle and book it to the right and pick it up and homeward bone.
Lerooooooooooy Jenkiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssss!
I can't get this set for some reason, I've killed Leroy before killing Nito I didn't summon him for the pinwheel fight, do you have to summon him?