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What are the orange and blue circles on the map? The Legend doesn't say
I think they are merchants
The same they are at Majula


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What is the green circle?
Think it's the cartographer guy going by the locations.
Excellent work bud, great map with some great info, Praise the Sun!


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Hurrah for Map then Praise the Sun!
Perfect. Thank You. exactly all I would of hoped for glad I was able to find this. :-)
Usually after getting the Kings ring I find it better to go and face Throne Watcher and Throne Defender. As you don't have the Giant's Kinship, Nashandra won't show up, allowing you to split the two boss fights easily. Since the SotFS update, this becomes an even better strategy since Aldia shows up right after Nashandra if you've killed Vendrick, meaning that you would have to do 3 boss fights in a row. I know you could could use a homeward bone/spell/ the aged feather to split it up, but I prefer not to.
buy me dark souls 3 plz??
i ahve dark souls 3 but its lagging T_T cant paly ***** pc build is good tho
I'm at the undead crypt , dark souls3s lyin there but I wana complete 2 first
Wat the pink cyclu
Someone buy me daek souls 3 please
Done the lost sinner and doing the rotten next.... basically just gravelord nito recycled by the sounds of it


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What is the green circle?
alright I bought you dark souls 3
SotFS wont let you Aged Feather out.. just tried on NG after Defender/Watcher.. was fine, rocked all 3 in a row, but was pretty miffed about it
Undead Crypt needs to be done before you can access Drangleic Castle. You need the kings ring to access the castle, which you get at the end of undead crypt. This game progress route should be updated to reflect that.
Ignore this post... I got the doors confused in the shaded woods. You only need the great souls to open the door to access the shrine and castle.
fukin idiot
I'd like to point out that it says that it takes "6 million (Souls) in NG+" to open the Shrine of Winter, which is incorrect, the required amount being 2 million in NG+.
Where is the npc progression roadmap like darksouls 3 wiki and bloodborne wiki? I don't wanna miss anything but do i need to read a book for it? Or am i being dumb and just not looking in the right place?
You can find the answers in your heart.
You dont really need them for ds3 and BB, they are a LOT more linear than 2. Off the top of my head there is only one deviation in 3 and bloodborne that you arent really supposed to do and thats fighting dancer before killing three lords of cinder
i have all 4 souls but it wont let mw through

It might be a glitch