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Anybody try taking this to the Doll in the Abandoned Workshop? For some reason I feel that the doll there is not simply there for decoration or lore...
did, nothing happened.
Its gotta be for game ending because we r in the dream and that doll is in reality
unlocks some materials at echoes and insight vendor
confirmed that it does in fact not unlock more materials to get this stone, allready had all materials unlocked.. changed nothing when i got the stone.
Those are unlocked for the depth of the dungeon. Not the stone itself.
I tried getting grabbed by the Amygdala outside the Cathedral Ward, but it did nothing other than demolish 80% of my health. However, I was only missing the nurse, Gerhman and the presence to kill before the end of the game, so maybe if it was done earlier on?
Poster above you are thinking of a different location. OP is talking about the one directly outside the Cathedral Ward lantern that grabs you near the location of the Hunter armour set.
And just to clarify, with the Yharnam stone in my inventory being grabbed by any of the Amygdala creatures has had no effect, both before and after acquiring the tonsil stone and both before and after killing Rom. I have always had 99 insight during these tests so perhaps someone with 0 could clarify it does not work for them.
Did you get the tonsil stone? This makes the Amygdala send you to the bottom floor of the Lecture Hall.
That one is for the DLC
The Amygdala outside Oedon Chapel takes you to the Hunter's nightmare when you take a blood drunk hunter's eye.
"The Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness is only asleep"
Much like Cthulhu is "dead but dreaming".
Can't get enough of these Lovecraftian vibes and eldritch horror themes.
Honestly hoping for more story related dlc...
It has been confirmed to do absolutely nothing other then show you've beaten the queen.
I think that it technically allows you to get ritual blood IVs, but thats kinda redundant, as you probably won't need them that much.
Complete *******
anything happens when using this item at the altar, after defeat Ebrietas?
Nope, already checked
It allows purchase of Ritual Blood 4 and Tomb Mold 4 at Echos messager bath for 40,000-48,000 literally no other use that I have found.
(Continuation)- there own wiki even says that the Mold 4 and Blood 4 unlock after obtaining said Item
But, I haven't obtained this item and haven't beaten the queen but both of those items are available for purchase in my messenger bath?


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It resembles a fossilized infant... possibly a physical representation of Mergo?
More like the Queenly Flesh, but for Yharnam.
The first thought is the ghost somewhere in dungeons, which doesn't harm one and just prays at gravestone, but I'll not going to check 'cause I don't remember where.
It's funny that even still as of 2017 people still think this will do something. The printed guide that was released April of 2015 stated clearly it was a trophy item and nothing else.
It’s also funny that things in the guide books have been wrong before! even in Dark Souls, there are still things in all the games that have yet to be discovered. Most everything has a use.
Nope, I tried it. Also tried the Ring of Betrothal, lol. Bro just gives you the cold shoulder.
Maybe we'll use it to access any future dlc
LOL this game is over two years old there isn't anymore DLC coming
Yeah sorry to bust your bubble and hopes but no further dlc will be released for Bloodbonre (unfortunately). The Old Hunters dlc was the only extra we will ever get for this game.
You need it to unlock the PS4 Pro 60 fps patch. And also to make it play on PC. True story.