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Hello. I'd be interested in joining this covenant. I do have 1 character that is in the sl 140-150 range but I am also making a new character that I would like affiliated with this group. My Steam name is ultradarkblade and my display name is Mild Mannered Pate. Hope to hear back soon!



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I'm interested in this covenant, but wondering if there are any PS4 players here?



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I'm sorry no one got back to you on entering and I have no idea if I can permit you in but I'm going to let you in anyway. Don't mistake me for a big clan member but I feel this form in inactive so once more I will permit you in to the creed but this truly isn't my call but we could use a new face.


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so you guys in ps3 do this quite often and i never knew it was this until now. sorry for double poisoning you guys and killing you both lol i figured youd gank me at first chance.


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If this is still alive, I would like to join as a part of the blue sentinels, I'm on PC vanilla and my ign is Jan



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WILKONSON. I have no idea if you remember me man, but you and i were in a covenenant together way back when. Priscilla's life hunters i believe it was. anyways i wanted to know if this was still alive and if so if i could join. picked up my copy of dark souls 2 today and wanted to get into the pop aspect of it.



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Hey Hippy,

Hit me up on One, I think we are already friends. I will be playing through Dsk1-2 soon to refresh on everything.

On a side note for Wilk,

Will Sun Creed be making a return for Dsk3? I do hope so!
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Hello,i would like to join,is it still possible and is covenant active even on PC?


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im in boyos ozboss (ps3)