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Has Anyone Else though on Why Horace is Mute?

I've been thinking and realized I overlooked a simple fact. We get the Blue Sentinels Covenant from Anri and Horace. And Rosaria's Fingers is the Covenant in direct opposition to the Blue Sentinels. Could this mean that Horace's Tongue was taken by one of Rosaria's Fingers? If So Who Could Horace Have Invaded? Heysel? Kirk? Leonhard?

Proof that a red eye orb invader successfully fended off a blue spirit. Those who hunt dark spirits take the names of gods in ancient accord with the Way of Blue, a deception exemplified by their tongues. Use to acquire two Pale Tongues.

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I always took it as the game's way of informing players, "listen you may get killed by an invader, but you can always do your part to make sure it doesn't happen to other players." But if we are talking about Lore, I would guess that it is tied to Horace's acquisition of the Executioner's armor. My guess is that Horace was rendered mute by a Finger, perhaps the previous owner of the armor he dons when you meet him, whom Horace had subsequently exacted revenge upon. It was always curious to me that the Executioner's sword was found in the graves outside the Cathedral and separate from the armor set it belongs to.