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this MIGHT be a referance to the chaos blade "when the blade cuts flesh it'll not heal" -vaatividya the chikage takes your life/health as you weald it with both hands, like the cursed katana



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i think its actually meant to be refenence to both the makoto and the chaos blade
Anyone else think the transform system would have been a nice opportunity to have a dual-wield weapon with the sword in one hand and the scabbard in the other?
Play the dlc
I think a weapon that turned from a giant bladed fan into a club. You know, for their fan club.
Or just give the Rakuyo Maria's full blood moveset?
I know it is useless if you only have just the 12 bloodtinge to use it, but I like the fact you can abuse the rapid poison on low level to medium level builds without any big level investment provided you use rapid poison gems.
Weapon that drains your hp? Sounds like a really bad weapon...
No, it souns like a REALLY GOOD weapon, because if it has such a high cost of usage (player's own health) it must be good. And also because i used it and i know that it can do a HUGE amount of damage when transformed if you build your stats correctly (sorry if i said anything wrong, i'm brazilian, not used to speak in english).
You sacrifice your blood for The weapons power. If you level up your bloodtinge real good, you will do massive damage!
Try it out!
This thing can burn through bosses resistant to blood damage in moments, and the health drain is barely noticeable if you use it wisely.


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Its best BB wpn.
It's kinda a risk/reward idea. You make yourself more vulnerable using this weapon and it can lead to death in certain situations, which wouldn't happen with a "normal" weapon. The reward is that you can deal a massive amount of damage. If it doesn't fit your play style, then this weapon is nothing for you, but it doesn't mean that this weapon is bad. Like it's already mentioned above in the wiki, the Souls games had always these kind of weapons, and like almost any other weapon in the Souls/Borne universe they all have their right to exist.
I think of the transformation like an Iaijutsu style. When you see an opening, unleash the bloodied blade and smite them quicker than they can fight back.
I first used the transformed version yesterday and believe I noticed that I could regain the health it drains through the rally mechanic. Is this true?
I also want to know this as I'm tuning my build to work with it.
It appears that the health drain isn't affected by rallying, as it is mechanically akin to a health draining blood gem.
i myself noticed that it does indeed work with rally a possible bug they overlooked but you can regain that 0.85% hp if you attack in time with the ticks.
I'm not calling it bad by any means, I've seen its power, but any weapon that comes with negative attributes such as HP drain to use its full potential just come off to me as unnecessary. There are so many more weapons you can use transformed for no penalty and are just as good or better. Just my mind set, I'm sure it's a decent weapon.
What makes it so powerfull is the assumed weakness to blt that most enemies have. Including players unless the gear for it.
I know I'M weak to a good BLT. Hold the mustard.
I think its fair considering the attack power boost you get on the transformed. The weapon is decent but you can abuse it if you have good blood gems and invest alot in bloodtinge. I've seen people 2-3 shot me just using r1 and transform attacks on the two handed form.
So it's like Chaos Blade but more dangerous to both User and Victims?
fyi, the chikage cant lose durability from cursed blood gems ;)
Can I kneel to get the Cainhurst badge and then give unopened summons to Alfred to get wheel badge so I can get Chikage and Wheel?
Yes, 'joining' covenants doesn't restrict you from doing anything. Join them all and get the runes.



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I think the reason why Chikage can inflict Rapid Poison is because it's drenched by Queen Yharnam's blood. So, by using the Chikage in the transformed mode, you are essentially splashing someone with the Pthumerian Queen's blood.
Do you mean Annalise? I feel like it is more likely to be hers.
Well Annalise is a daughter of blood (basically descendant of Queen Yharnam, but not directly) so it's still the same blood either way.