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if you cant see the hatch just dig where it should be
Killed the dr without help from malady, Lohse mentions saving souls but malady still tries extinguish the candles to weaken the demon....
SPOILER: It's pretty easy to beat the demon if you just have your other 2 characters attack him while he's in human form (during his conversation with Lohse). I just used Rupture Tendons + Chicken Claw; with that and opportunity attacks, he went down immediately.
Or, you know, you could play the game properly and just git gud. If your having a hard time just turn down the difficulty.
I think this game encourages players to try difference ways to beat it so I'd say this is a good sharing and thanks. Though I am still trying my like 3rd time to beat his original form which is the most challenge battle by far in my tactical run.
If your strategy is to keep it knocked down, be aware that in tactical mode its physical armor restores 8k+ when he gets up next round due to its high preservation.