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People using 2 ascetics are on NG+.
Will it respawn a mimic? The one in iron keep died without me getting its item
Will it respawn a mimic? The one in iron keep died without me getting its item
there should really be some kind of SotFS differentiation in a lot of topics... most of these are no longer in the places listed in sotfs version. very confusing.
So, does the amount of souls recieved for the surrounding enemies also increase with their difficulty as you burn the ascetics?
And I also wanted to thank you for your severe dedication to gaming. Your site is a repeated stop for me



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I added a SOTFS edition sub-section under Locations, perhaps people can add them in clearer this way :)
Will it respawn a mimic? The one in iron keep died without me getting its item
wiki needs update, numbsoft has been weeding the post and pulling out roots by the handfuls.......chest contain wrong items, armor does nothing and. oh what a shortage of actually entertaining game play. good luck summoning anything but boredom
So I beat the Ivory King and was farming the charred knights for souls. I've heard their drop rate is higher the more phantoms you have. If I use an ascetic will the four Loyce Knights I saved respawn or are they gone for good?
Any knights you collected will rejoin the fight. Unconfirmed whether this increases the drop rate of Loyce Souls, but you can certainly spawn and kill the charred knights more frequently this way.
What is done cannot be undone.
want a free shard? ascetic the cardinal tower on xbox one vesrion of softs and up there the shard will respawn
Does the ascetic let one help players above NG+2? For example,the twin pursuers fight.If i burn an ascetic in the King's Gate bonfire,will one be able to help only normal game players,or players above ng+2?
that depends of ur soul memory, not of the bonfire intensity
what happens when you use the acetic at the far fire? i feel like it makes every area harder. or it might just buff the pigs
Since you can't actually rest at those bonfires, burning an ascetic at them is impossible.
I'm fairly sure it makes the pigs stronger, but more importantly it respawns the skeletons in the mansion basement, increases the number of them, and makes them stronger. If you have ascetics, it's a good way of getting effigy's since they're a guaranteed drop.
I did that before finding out what bonfire ascetics actuay do, and it made the pigs stronger and 1 chest will try to kill you, when you open it. It doesnt affect other places.
So after all the enemies of an area have despawned, I can use a Bonfire Ascetic to bring them back, right? Will they despawn again? Or does the Bonfire Ascetic somehow make them permanent?
They will eventually stop spawning again. Champion covenant, I think it's called, makes enemies respawn infinitely.
Yah, the covenant is called company of champions, and it makes normal enemies spawn infinitely. that doesn't include bosses, and minibosses, or the other pursuers that can be found in the lost bastille and other places. but it also makes the game a bit harder.
Easy farming: join the pilgrims of dark and do old chasms of dark. You will get 1-4 bonfire ascetics from each, and entering them costs only 1 human effigy ( before defeating darklurker )