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S&O is the best boss fight of DS1, even considering the DLC.
No, the bed of chaos is the best boss
Artorias would like a word or two with you
Last thing I need is gywn
Unbeknownst to a new soul, there are several ways to aid in defeating the flame father.
Thou should seek out a teacher and learn how to 'Parry', for the burning eyre of our lord is susceptible to this technique when he attacks using his sword.
I need help with Quelaag
stick to her legs

run when you see her lift up her legs

attack only when she does her LONG fire breath attack!
I put the validity of the information on this site on question as the environment in Blight Town, Crystal Cave and Sen's fortress has not been put forward as a Boss....



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Lol we'd have to add Gravity too! Gravity OP needs nerf!
because you need the soul too get to kiln of the first flame u dipstick.


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Why isn't the Four Kings listed as optional?
Because it isn't, it's soul is needed for Lordvessel "After placing the Lordvessel, it must be filled with the souls of: Seath the Scaleless, Four Kings, Gravelord Nito and The Bed of Chaos, to gain access to the final area; the Kiln of the First Flame."
Because they aren't optional.
Why did they put Centipede Demon and Demon Firesage as optional? Without any skips you need to kill those two.
If you give a bunch of humanity to the Fair Lady you get a shortcut past those bosses.