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You can get this Loverboy as soon as you kill Pontiff and have atleast Patches or Siegward on your side (Greirats second Raid).
With 30 Str and 40 FTH blessed Infused it cuts through Dragons and the Soul of Cinder like basicly any weapon through Pinwheel.
yeah this weapon is the best stat wise but the cathedral sword is just too clean... if this is an m9, the cathedral sword is AN AK47. plus it's damage is all physical strike/thrust (not split with lightning) and has a much better 2h moveset
Why would a vertical based 2h moveset be better than an horizontal based 2h moveset? since like,both share the same 2h R2/RB attack,and Lothric has better range,the horizontal swing just complements LKGS really better,so Lothric is obviously a better choice,vertical swings are really useless in PvP unless your enemie is dumb,while in PvE,every fast enemie will get out of your range or go to your sides really easy with that type of attack,so why would a vertical swing be better than an horizontal swing WITH better range? cathedral is way too bad compared to LKGS,the only things that are good about the cathedral UGS are> the true combo it has,and strike damage,nothing else
Anyone else ever get a glitch where damage applies twice? Putting this here only because it only happens with this weapon
I'm doing a dark infused weapon build and decided to try this sword.

Strength: 25
Dex: 30
Faith and Intelligence: Both at 40

At +10 and Dark infused, the Lothric Knight Greatsword has 793 AR:
Physical : 148+77
Lightning : 87+64
Dark : 155+260

Almost 800 AR, that's insane.
So what you are saying is you've seen the latest Limit Breaker Video? Cool story bro.
Hey SunBro!!
Better build that i've made so far in here:
Sl 240
STR: 40
DEX: 60
FTH: 60
The other stats you choose as your wish.
I use the lothrick knight greatsword sharp infused +5, and with the lloyd's ring and darkmoon blade i reach 1150 AR easily

-The Ashen Ones Bizarre Adventure
40 str 40ft
Lightning infusion and buffed to +10
Over *****ing 800ar with 400 pure lightning dmg
It rekts Midir and Storm King
24/40 sharp infused does MORE 9 damage than 40/40 refined
So save yourself 16 levels and infuse sharp
bc it changed with august patch. duh
sl 220,lotrhic ultragreatsword,refined,strength and dex at 44,faith 50,deep protection,sacred oath,lighting blade,two hand,lloyd sword ring,and BOOM,1100 ar,phantoms killed in 2-3 hits,you can use the other stats for other things,but its important to do high investment in stamina,35 or more points,and endurance,if you want to wear a cool lotrhic knight set for the fashion souls,and,obviously,hight attunment and vitality ,like 40 points in attunment and the rest in vitality,i dont do the maths,so maybe i get out of the level i said at the start,but its kinda like that,im from Spain,so i apologize before someone says that my english its a little bit bad,it was a looong time i dont write or speak on english,so i am rusty
Ahh, the trusty ol' Midir-Exploder.
Two handing a heavy infused lothric greatsword at +10 is 686 AR at 60 strength, plus adding the Gold Pine Resin boosts it up to 780 AR!