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I think the only advice I'd have for anyone is to two-hand your way through the first phase, then bring out your shield for the second so that you can block his repeating crossbow (make sure your shield has 100% physical absorption, of course), then go back to two-handing in the third phase. If Gael breaks your guard in phase 1 or 3, you're pretty much screwed.


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or git gud and dodge the attacks? your tactic isn't bad but just that on NG7 that won't do*****
lol I was on NG+9 when I wrote this. Obviously you're going to do a*****-ton of dodging in this fight, even in Phase 2. It's just plain stupid NOT to use a shield when he uses his crossbow, otherwise you're risking a significant amount of HP for every time he starts firing at you. Virtually nothing else can be blocked, which is specifically why I said only in Phase 2 should you risk using a shield, if you're going to use one at all (mind you I was using Shield of Want for them extra $ouls). I think you might want to heed your own advice and git gud, TittyMcNoGirlfriend
Not a bad boss, but rather boring, has cool moveset, is complete tank and has interesting background, but he's atacks are easy to dodge or block with good shield, and at the end of the day, this boss is all about tiring you out, until you make a mistake on which he will capitalize. So be patient, and remember Orphan of Kos aka one mistake and you're dead on ng+.
I mean is no one gonna mention that this arena is straight-up the landscape we're shown in the intro? You can even see Lothric Castle off in the distance...