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This quest is bugged. Whether you kill Lovrik or let him go, it will either say "I decided not to press matters further with Lovrik" or "The lying coward has fled". However, even when you let him go, when you exit the tavern and re-enter, someone in the party will always say "That lying coward seems to have legged it." I guess this SORT OF makes sense that he would be scared and run off even if you decided not to press things.
What I mean is, it's not possible to get the "correct" quest completion if you decide to kill Lovrik.
If you kill him and then immediately go back upstairs and back down, EVERY party member will say together: "That lying waiter seems to have legged it". So weird
If you have an animal following your character, like Peeper, then Zharah will tell you to come back alone.


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Whelp that's an annoying bug.
if you're undead the prostitute will fight with you
So this is something unusual: did the quest-as a Red Prince i let the thugs take my backpack-spared Lovrik's life-went to see Lohar-backpack indeed is on the table but...red-marked(stolen item).When i try to pick it up Lohar and his crew react and it ends with fight.
I slept with her as the Red Prince, and when I woke up nothing happened. No bandits showed up. I still had all my stuff and I just walked away.
I was in a multiplayer game with 3 friends. Maybe that has something to do with it?
Man this quest is so stupid. Made the deal, went upstairs. Had the bandit scenario. Felt like setting up against the bandits using Red Prince (reloaded), discovered the Red Princess event and decided to roll with it. I believe I had an option ONLY ONCE with my characters to accuse and blame him, but I decided to let it slide.

Quest remained open. Thought it had to do with finding the Red Princess. Now discover (after dealing with half the continent) that I cannot get a real completion.
Decided to whack Lovrik, by sneak attacking him I made the entire bar hostile... by Battle Stomping him nobody cared.

Should've just gone with bandit scenario (the Red Princess doesn't impact Red Prince quest in the slightest) for max loot and xp and should've rekt Lovrik where he stood the minute I went downstairs....
I got 8000xp as Fane in human form when sleeping with the lizard, she did not turn hostile - instead sided with me.