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Why does this area remind me so much of the Harvest Valley and Earthen Peak from DS2?


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This area is the windmill area from ds2, Drag heap > dragnelec rubble. You can see the windmill, the poison that must have spilt when the castle fell here, and the npc pyro has the same armour as the pyro woman found in erthen peak.
Why is there no disclaimer about that Murkemen area past the 2 wannabe Lothric Knights where they spawn non-stop???? What type of crappy walkthrough is this.



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I'm working on it! I thought the same exact thing. Also, there was no mention of Projected Heal or where to get the Lothric war banner!
Harald curved greatsword is not armor
You're just not trying hard enough.
Still no map? Not exactly like you to not put a map together. Everything ok?
this is the dumbest map im fighting cliffs
The dreg heap and earthen keep "Fall damage? What is that?"