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Lasted me all the way to Anor Londo whilst conserving materials for other stuff and allowing me to dump points into Faith and Intellect, until I got the Giants Coal for Chaos infusions.
Raw gem easy farming without any rings / equipment to add item discovery: High Wall Lothric go toward the tower shortcut boss, in the direction where there's a crosbow hollow on that small roof, walking the stairs up, theres an axe big hollow, drops them like candy.

I tried to thank him but he was too incessant on me checking out his massive axe, and you know how these enthusiastic guys can be, can't let it go...
Actually the drop is still ultra rare.... Followed your steps used golden coins still nothing. If hed drop it like candy we are talkin like 10 kills or something not 300 times
I just infused a raw gem into one of my Lothric Swords. However, according to the stats, it didn't drop the scaling. might it be a bug?
Will raw infusion on a bleed weapon remove the bleed increase of the luck stat?
you're all over the place bro, Hollow - Luck.
yes it will, i was testing infusions on my ng+100 character 60 str/dex/int/faith/luck just to test different scalings the raw infusion will remove the bleed scaling from luck back to base bleed. imo if you want to bleed at lowlevels bandit's knife without infusion would be better if you have 30-ish luck but it bleeds fine without any luck investment cause it's fast.
Raw weapons to consider:

- Mail breaker
- Greataxe
- Flamberge
- Dragonslayer's Axe
- Astora Sword/Longsword/Broadsword
Flamberge now has better AR with Heavy Infusion than Raw at 15 str 14 dex. I just use Raw on my Lucerne.
Astora SS is now officially *** with Raw infusion. RIP
Just kill the praying Hollows that dont attack you. They drop the Gem from time to time, although its not common at all.
Try your best.
Lucerne infused raw outdamages heavy lucerne with 20 strength, good for a low strength faith build
Does using a Raw Infusion negate the penalty for not meeting a weapons stat requirements?
no, only the scaling dissapear
kind of. you still need str and dex requirements for the physical portion to have no penalty. Your weapon will bounce off of enemies with the 'armored' property if you dont meet ALL of the requirements
Raw infusions are extremely helpful for SL1 runs
Also great for low level PvP.
It's also great for a faith build because they have access to 3 different damage types if they're using weapon buffs (Lightning, Magic and Dark), as opposed to just 1 if they're using a lightning infused weapon. Lightning Blade on a Raw infused weapon also out-damages a lightning infused weapon anyway.
Been going Raw since 96'