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Anyone have a extra on ps4?


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This thing is awesome. I was farming for Pale Tongues in Farron's Keep Perimeter and I could not even get ONE single drop, so I tried equipping this... and oh boy, oh boy, first attempt one of the gloomy warriors dropped a Pale Tongue. Keep one of these always in your box, they're awesome :3
Lol got it on the first mimic I encountered.
I've wasted like 80 charms and it doesn't drop ._.
I thought, it's a sure drop, if you kill all mimics in the game. ... But as long as I haven't missed one in the Ringed City (all others I checked), it's not.
Ugh, my chance for these are terribad, haha
Read on a different thread that after the mimic is already dead at Dragon Barracks, the Symbol of Avarice will spawn on the ground where the mimic was. The post was a year old so I didn't expect this to work, thought it was worth a quick check anyway, and there it was waiting to be picked up! So, confirmed!
so here is what i can tell from literally 30 different playthroughs of the game. this thing is 100% guaranteed. if you have not gotten it, you always get it from at least one mimic, the catch is, sometimes it wont drop from the last one you open. from what i can tell, this is a glitch where the game actually tried to drop it from an earlier mimic, but either didnt, or it did, but you just... missed it. that is why people sometimes find it where there last dead mimic was, or sometimes halfway through the game at a random mimic's location. i have never failed to get one in a playthrough, and i have never grinded for it. If one does not drop from the last you kill, check it again, and if its not there, check the other locations, most common ones appear to be the one near Pontiff Sulivan, and somewhere in the Profand Capital.
in 20 plays ive gotten it 5 your lying
1st playthrough, didn't get a single one. 2nd playthrough, every single mimic I killed dropped it along with the treasure??? the hell is going on?
Does anyone have a spare on Xbox?