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This entire wiki could really use a proofreader. I wouldn't be opposed to provide assistance. :]
Is this really upgraded with twinkling titanite? that would be awesome.
Wrong photo. But good effort.
Jon Snow cosplays incoming
Really can't believe they brought so many junk weapons back for ds3, but not this beauty.



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Yeah man... I am even disappointed that even Artorias greatsword is the corrupt version not the polished one... wish they brought the Loyce Greatsword to Dark Souls 3 :(
It dropped for me from Loyce Knight when I was farming souls on Ivory King boss fight... Twice! I have two swords, one shield, full armor set (one of each part and 5 chest pieces) and 14 Loyce souls. I give up for now to not get too high for soul memory. I was not playing ng+ just first run.
You're thinking of the charred loyce greatsword, that thing is nothing compared to the real one here.
I find it interesting that the +5 version retains its S scaling in dexterity with every infusion except Raw and Mundane. Is there any reason why I shouldn't infuse this sword?
If you are a mage, faith or pyromancer infusing it with fire, lightning or magic is a good idea do not infuse with raw it lowers scaling for higher damage which would be a tiny bit more or a little less and don't infuse it with mundane because it sucks now after the patch for it XD.

By ZorosD
Reply to below. Letters are unreliable in this game, especially after infusions. I will give an example. Right now I have 50 faith and a lightning infused claymore with 203 lightning attack and B faith scale and as a result, it is now 203+47 lightning without rings. I also have defender greatsword with 80 lightning attack and C faith scale and as a result, it is 80+82 lightning attack. B scaling gives 47 attack and C scaling gives 82 which is some *******. Some people think scaling is based on base attack, therefore, misunderstandings happen. But my example shows that high base attack doesn't bring high scaling. All weapons are +5 by the way. Sorry for my bad english.
scaling isn't consistent from weapon to weapon, boss weapons scaling is always lower than pure scaling of equal letter due to the boss weapons having effects