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is it me or has noone made the connection between the two things we are not told in dark souls ,what did the nameless king do ?you know this great fighter against dragons and then boom, immediately reconsiders them .and then there's thing number 2 ,what the hell happened to gwendolyns legs ,you know this crossdresser that is hidden and raised as a girl and learnt magic.
A thought for you all ...
want to be the best man ,train with the best and fight ,fight for the kingdom and to uphold it
train with your older brother, the best, yes ?brothers fight and cut off his legs .life saved my magic of some sought (seath )
gwendolin had it deemed too dangerous to be a fighter to be a man to look up to in this kingdom ,so raised as a girl .he later builds an intrest in what saved him and magic in general .
but for the first born ... my brother is now a part of that which I swore to hate .Dragon ,though not a perfect one ,worse still is seath an ally of farther ."dragons are for slaying" why then does he live ? though I did not wish to hurt my brother ,I cannot let him be this thing of which i despise .

soon after ,he is banished .within his banishment he finds love .then he understands why his father did what he could to save his youngest son .for only he the first born (out of the two) was strong enough to last outside of the walls of the kingdom .he acknowledged that a dragon that could have let gwendolin die and get some revenge for his fallen comrades ,even a dragon knows . peace
I think i can answer atleast one question.

the nameless king used to be friends with dragons (the worst enemy of his father gwynn) so he was banished by his father and deleted from any history.

On NG+/ second playthrough:
- first of, I died 25+ on my first playthrough against him before beating him. Crest shield with lightning absorption +5 was a lifesaver.
- having the Dragonslayer Greatshield +5, Dragonslayer Spear +5, Chaos Longsword +10, Cloranthy Ring +3, Ring of Favor +3 and Estus Flask +10, 15 charges were crutches against him in NG+. And because of the aforementioned items, I got to beat him in 1 try on my 2nd playthrough.
- the 1st playthrough struggle felt more fulfilling.

Hello all just defeated this boss on NG+5 solo and thought I'd share my melee strategy in case those outlined above are not working so hot for someone.

First a few tips that I found useful for this fight:
- This strategy requires patience and time
- Unless you are a mage or pyro Ashen Estus is useless for this fight go all in on the HP estus
- For the second phase of the fight your eyes need to be glued to the Nameless King, don't even glance at his healthbar he'll die when he dies just keep track of him, your health, and your stamina. This might seem elementary but it's very easy to loose the fight just because you got excited about how close his HP is to zero it will only cause you to be reckless
- If you ever find yourself under the Dragon gain distance RIGHT AWAY this is a terrible place to be since you can't keep track of the either the dragon's head or the King
- If you ever hear a sound similar to the one that is played for a critical hit (not the visceral or the pary just the "hit on staggered enemy" sound) gain distance right away this is the queue (usually) for the King to to several swiping attacks that cover a lot of horizontal area
- You should only lock on to the dragon when you are about to deal damage to it otherwise Keep the Lock on Trained on the Nameless King
- The Dragon's fire breath attacks (especially the AOE one) can be very hard to dodge if you can't get a good view of what the dragon is doing get some distance fast!
- Phase 1: Dragonslayer Ax
- Phase 2: Dark Astora Greatsword

- Full Dragon Slayer Armor
- Dragonslayer Greatax +5
- Dark Astora Great Sword +10
- Spirit Tree Crest Shield (any level will do upgrading only increases stability and physical damage, also 83 lighting protection is fine 95 is to heavy and kind of overkill IMO, [I'm looking at you Dragonslayer's greatshield])
- Ring of Steel Protection +3
- Ring of Favor +3
- Chloranthy Ring +3
- Havel's Ring +3
(Standard stuff)

Phase 1: Dragon and Rider
- Main Strategy :
The easiest way to finish this phase quickly is to bait out one attack in particular. Often the Namless king will use his dragon to pounce behind you, this is EXACTLY what you want. Quickly pivot and lock on to the King. The majority of the time he will proceed to charge his spear with lightning and attempt to pancake you, This is good. As soon as you see that he is executing this attack move forward and slightly to (your) left just enough to get the King to track you (you'll see him rotate a little) then just as he's finished charging the attack ROLL INTO IT. If done correctly this will put you exactly near the dragon's neck/head and you will take no damage. Immediately lock onto the dragon's head and use the Ax Weapon art on it. Then quickly gain distance. Rinse and repeat this usually takes about 4 axe hits to either outright kill it (if you were able to consistently get 1K damage) or else open the dragon to a visceral that will finish it off.

- Phase 1 Tips and Tricks:
- Anytime the King gets ready to lunge roll into the attack this has three benefits, you'll take no damage, you may be able to get a lucky hit to dragon's head in, you can keep running forward in order to gain distance
- The Nameless King Likes to throw lightning bolts at you luckily these are a sinch to dodge, simply walk in the direction opposite to his (when he's flying) as if you are chasing him (i.e. don't go in a straight line curve in a little bit also be sure to lock onto him or this is much much harder) then just as he's finished charging the attack dodge to your right once is usually enough but I always give it two or three just to be safe.
- Immediately after the lightning bolt attack the King will go in for a lunge the windup is pretty obvious and slow, just remember to dodge INTO the attack this unfortunately will put you under the dragon so just get out of there right away, DO NOT attempt to hit the dragon's head the down time after this attack finishes is very short and he will almost always follow it up with a couple of horizontal swipes that will hit you, just get out of there that way you can get back to baiting his pounce attack.
- He will also do a pounce without a charged lightning spear attack, simply rotate the camera so that you have him in your sights and wait for the right version of the attack

Phase 2: The Nameless King
- Main Strategy: The nameless king's moveset when on the ground although quite fast actually tends to leave him with a decent opening sometimes. Hi most dangerous moves are the ninja like quick attacks and his waist lunge. However what we want is to bait one of hi aerial attacks. In order to do this simply wait for the King to make the first move, ALWAYS this (like a lot of DS boss fights) is a reactionary battle. As soon as he jumps up start moving toward him then just as he's about to unleash the attack dodge forward he will miss you completely and be open for A SINGLE attack with the greatsword. Once you hit him immediately dodge backwards, Under NO circumstances should you ever be close to him. Simply Rinse and Repeat. This opening can also be used to heal in case he managed to take chunk out of your health, do not attempt to both heal and deal damage, you don not have enough time.

- Phase 2 Tips and Tricks:
- Occasionally and most often when you get too far away from him the Nameless king will unleash what look like sonic waves, one is a straight forward over head swing and forms a line, the other is much worse and is generated by a horizontal slash, both of these travel very far and in the case of the horizontal wave are easy to get caught in. Luckly you can roll through them and take ZERO damage. If you block, it will hurt you and stagger you a little, but just enough to be a real danger, If you fail to block and get hit full on you will get heavily staggered and it will deal a lot of damage. Just roll through it it's all good.
- Dodge away from his waste level charge, the wind up is obvious, he will pass his hand over the blade of the spear and it will glow (it won't really crackle with energy just a very orange/yellow glow) the range is really quite short so just dodge backwards a few times.
- There are two version of his jump attacks, one (the one we like to see most) is a straight up jump into the air, the other is instead a kind of sideways leap into the air, usually to the left this second attack is dodge the same way as the first (into the attack) however it is MUCH faster so be prepared!
- I found that circling him in my dominant direction (right in my case (left handed -> left, right handed-> right)) was very comfortable and it seemed to me that most of his attacks go left anyway.
- He has a spear thrust attack (you'll recognize it right away it's very aggressive and he extends forward from a "fixed" position quite a lot) has deceptively long range, this is the only time when getting right up close is ok, still it is safer to simply get a lot of distance.
- DO NOT be tempted to rush in and take a shot at him while he is just walking around, instead use this time to heal and recharge stamina.
- Dodging his summoned lightning is easier that it looks simply wait until he shouts electricity into the air, the wait just a fraction of a second longer, then dodge It may take a few tries but once you've got it it's a sinch to do it. If you can't dodge just block it.
- If you get too far away from the Nameless king you will loose lock on THIS IS NOT GOOD since his move set is very erratic and you need to be able to constantly keep track of him.

Well I believe that is all I hope it helps,
Cheers and Goodluck!


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I posted similar info last year in the comment section (it's somewhere below). Sadly this page lacks good info on how to tackle him for a newbie.
he is the same no matter on what ng. what are guys trying to do here? maybe some advice from a real pro. stop attacking his fu**ing legs you pieces of tras* before I ripp of yours.
Oh my god I'm so sorry about the formatting for my previous post it looked good as I was writing it but I guess that did not translate over!!
Could someone place a summoning infront of the boss fight on ps4 please
I can help you tonight after work
Anyone around now for some helps? :)


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I always put down a summon sign in TNK, Friede and Gael fights. I see lots of other signs as well, so you can easily find co-op help for this.
176000 HP in NG+3? This is indeed a low quality wiki.
souls not hp
If you use Great Soul Dregs on both King of Storms and Nameless King the KOS is a goner in 4 hits and NK is dead in 8hits. Use Young Dragon ring and Bellowing Dragoncrest ring and Dark Clutch ring. Use Murky Longstaff(or Izalith staff for higher lvl`s) Use blindfold mask(dark boost) and Scholar candlestick in left hand(magic boost) For Great Soul Dregs to cast you need 40 intelligence. Good luck.
I just cheesed him last night. Phase 1: Melee whatever build just stayed in front and avoided moving too far past his neck to not trigger the flame bs. used lothric knight shield for a few blocks, as I am horrible at reading him. no big deal if you have to use some estus.
phase 2: pharis bow +9. stay far away and keep walking back/rolling back, around the edges of the arena. 2-4 arrows then roll. he will hit with some shockwave attacks but thats it. he walks super slow. tedious but ez-pz.
I can't find anyone to summon at the belfrey. I'm SL94 and there are zero summon signs in the bonfire room or on the little bridge thingy next to the bell.
Its propably because you dont kill hawkwood before ringing the bell.