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Greetings fellow Dark Souls players I have finally found a use for this terrible chime, ever wanted to look like Gwyn? Now you can, just cast sunlight spear with this chime and imagine epic music playing in the background as you cast it.


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Could actually be useful as an offhand for a main hand chime, you'll get the boost still and have the other chime for actual casts.
The Faith boost it gives only works in the first slots of the right and left hand, and the faith stat boost is different depending on your faith, because when I was at 20, it gave me 6, and when I was at 35 it gave me 4?



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this chime gives you a boost of faith the lower the stat is
this is inferior to the disc chime in every way as an offhand chime...
Pretty terrible chime, i wouldnt advise putting such a fine soul into it. if you like pyromancy, go check out the pyromancy it can give you called "Outcry"