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I wonder if any invaders commenting realise the game isn't meant to be fair to the invader. You're invading someone's world. You're literally hijacking their playthrough without permission. Dark Souls is not a pure PvP game and it has no obligation to be fair for PvP. That's why Tree Seeds had their infinite duration. If the host has a seed, is willing to use it, and the invader is willing to hide within patches of enemies, all is fair in love and war. You're invading their game, so they're perfectly justified using it. After all, they didn't invite you there, did they?
lmao what a gigantic f a g g o t
Is your. Argument that the game is based on pve then? If so i'd like you to give a reason why you think so since pvp is accessable all throughout the story. Do you have to partake in it? No. You dont have to play through the story either though.
"Dark Souls is not a pure PvP game and it has no obligation to be fair for PvP"
You do realize the Souls series has been PvP encompassed since 2011? Hell, even 2009. So your lackluster argument is irrelevant and serves no purpose towards the game being fair. Because the sole aspect of PvP in Souls is whats keeping the game alive. Go to the forest in DS1 or the Arena in DS2. Lets compare the amount of people PvEing to PvPing. I GUARANTEE PvP will win in terms of activity. It always served as an after thought of PvE. Don't get it twisted.
There's a difference between being "fair" and being "balanced" invasions aren't fair, because they aren't balanced. Put two and two together, dummy.
"lmao what a gigantic f a g g o t" - You are typical sucker who like beat other but not be beaten. Oh, dont cry please...
I enjoy how all the replies are pvp'ers *****ing about the pve'er *****ing. 10/10.
So, would it be possible to farm these by getting Hoderick to invade, then Darksigning out back to Firelink?
Boy was this nerf gooood. Had a host seed the first area of the Ringed City. Little did he know that I brought the two Ringed Knights to the Inner Wall bonfire for a party. Timer runs out, me and the two Ringed Knights slaughtered the host and their phantoms, game over.

I'm an old school invader who came from the earlier games. Can't say I want the seed to still exist considering the annoyances invaders have to deal with already. But I don't know, that invasion I just shared kind of changed my mind a bit. You seed? Prepare to have enemies and an invader or two swarm you and your posse.
Lol look at those dislikes. People buttmad because we found a way to exploit seeders.
Wouldn't seed if you'd face us in battle.
"Wouldn't seed if you would face US in battle"
Notice the "US" don't expect an invader to play by your rules if you have more than one person in your world. Dummy.
"the annoyances invaders have to deal with already" lol think you have it backwards. an invader isnt supposed to have the upper hand and a fair fight. you are supposed find a way to screw the host over and reset his progress. If you are good enough to screw host over to begin with with multiple phantoms. just gotta get good and use enviroment to advantage.
if you want you can coop with everything. If a weapon is nerfed to toothpick you take another weapon. But whats the point in posting a comment like this here? Live is life nana na nana?
I miss the days of dark souls 1 where invaders couldnt use estus and you couldnt roll 10 times in a row. looks like i will be DCing more now.
Yeah, instead invaders could heal with humanities (hell, even Divine Blessings) and could ninja flip and chain backstab you with high poise. Also, don't go all "I miss DS1" because in that game seeds didn't exist and it seems you're complaining about it being nerfed in this game.

Where's your argument dummy?
Kinda sucks I can't use this anymore because I used to dried finger solo host (no blues, no phantoms unless it's a high activity area like Pontiffs) but would use a seed whilst going to NG+7. Made the runs more fun as the PvE in this game is *****ing boring.

A shame. But I think it's hilarious seeing people cry about the nerf as if it's impossible to kill invaders. Dude, you have full Estus and fully embered health vs the invader having half Estus and 30% less HP. The ***** you crying for? A +10 weapon can literally 4 shot most invaders or even 3 shot. Plus you can summon human players, what's the issue? Someone tell me. Is it cause you're too garbage at fighting an invader? That's the vibe I'm getting. I've never had an issue killing an invader in this game. They're a joke when compared to invaders in the other games. That's coming from someone who hosts and invades.
And the amount of dislikes and the comments below me are proving my point. Glad to see that the Souls community has turned into a bunch of whiners. :')
Take me back to the DS1 days man.
It can also be bought from the old handmaid after giving her Yuria's ashes.


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Doesn't work in the room were you get the first ring of favor
these things are beasts same as crabs. they already fight everything.
Seed of a Giant Cuck
I'd be ok with this nerf to 45 seconds if seeds actually worked, but from my experience the enemies still completely ignore the invaders. Seeds are nice for invaders that just hide in a group of enemies constantly and for as much as invaders complain about gank squads a group of normal enemies are the biggest gank squad when backed up by an invader. Just like most bosses can be easily stunlocked into oblivion with a group, an invader hiding in a group of enemies means you could be that boss and still get destroyed if you go in there. Seeds are the counter to force them out of hiding among enemies, but I just sit there and watch as enemies do nothing. I even push NPC invaders right in front of an enemy and just stand there waiting for the enemy to attack the invader and they ignore them. The only benefit I have is collateral damage from an enemy swing aimed at me that I dodge and hits the invader, although I'm still at far more risk in that situation. You could have all the health in the world but it doesn't mean anything against stunlock. Invaders have Talismans and hosts have Seeds, too bad Seeds barely work. I'd be fine with Talismans working for 3 minutes if Seeds worked half as long and as intended.
You're very contradictory. Complaint about stunlock from multiple enemies. When this is what invaders deal with constantly. Lol.