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Can be riposted in 2nd phase with R1 spam



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use duel spam L1 i suggest sellword / gotthard
Could this be some strange Miyzaki style humor parody on Zelda? With Lorian as the mute (!) Link and Lothric as Princess Zelda? He even fires Light arrows at us!
This is the only boss I can't figure out how to kill solo on NG+7 with my lvl 106. All others I know how to beat consistently. He teleports behind and on top of me and gets me. When I try summoning instead of solo, no one I summon lasts. NG through NG+5 weren't problems, but +6 was very challenging and +7 is deadly. Only Dancer put up a challenge of the other boss fights, but not too much.


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You need level 300 or higher to beat this boss easily by solo.
Lorian has way more health than stated here. I hit him four times in a row, totaling approximately 4000 hp. According to this he should have nearly been dead in phase 1 and yet he still was above 50%
If you had a couple summons that will dramatically increase the health
If it's anything like DS2, the first phantom you summon literally doubles the boss HP and then goes up by a small percentage for each after that
Hollowslayer greatsword was extremely effective for me. Was able to stagger lorian in both phases with basic combos. Couldn't get it done any other way.
I beat the***** out of this boss in my first using FUGS
The old version or the nerfed one?

Not sure what its like on PC but on XBOX One, this fight is so tedious. Not because of the boss. But because of the games overall mechanics and the HORRENDOUS camera system this game has. This is so far the only boss thats been a challenge and its annoying because its not because of the boss mechanics or skills but because the camera has a melt down when the boss teleports and because the game mechanics of having ALL attacks having a homing mechanic on it, so you'll dodge away from where an attack is going to land, only for the attack to change direction because of your movement :/

Havent had any issues on many others, killing several on first attempt. This one though. I can get him into phase 2 with relative ease, unless i get really unlucky with his insane damage hits. Its phase 2 that i just cant handle :/
Dunno about the PC but the fight is the same on both PS4 and X1.



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Pretty much the same on pc, I can confirm



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Oh dear brother...

Why your straight sword also lame scales without fusion with your Elder sword.
I'm unsure if anyone's suggested this, but Lothric's name - and the kingdom's - could come from the English Loth "unwilling; reluctant; disinclined; averse," and the German Ric "power, rule." Could this have any merit considering the character and the kingdom's position on linking the fire?
I've just beaten these two on SL20 with +2 weapons, as part of creating a twink build without "cheating" (getting items from another player/character).
I'm not very a particularly skillful player, so you might find my strategy interesting. I summoned both Orbeck and Sirris, and used the Skull Ring to keep them alive for a useful period of time.
My weapon was a raw +2 Dragonslayer's Axe buffed with lightning resin.
It took many tries, but eventually a combination of good RNG and not **** up paid off.
Highlights of a good run: Orbeck's casts Pestilent Mist two or more times, and Sirris remembers to back off after attacking Lothric (while reviving Lorian) to avoid the WOTG blast.
Oh those sweet words: "Mark my words, Ashen One... You remain among the Accursed." Bliss (my wife thought I'd gone mad).