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Unlocking and using the projectile version of the weapon art is seriously punishing for anyone who tries to roll behind you for a cheeky backstab. With 27s/40d/37Int, I've hit people for almost 900 when the slash and beam both connect.
The buff is also nothing to take lightly. I'm glad the duration was increased as it's on par with Moonlight gs...At least, with 6 attunement (warrior base) and using the sword as an actual weapon and not some offhand crutch.
I think the biggest issue people have with this weapon is the expectation that an int scaling means they need to be a mage. I mean, with the Darkmoon ring, you can slot snap freeze or other utility spells for an extra edge since they have low fp costs, but you don't need to be a hairy wizard for the weapon's qualities to shine. Just stat investment. (Scales pretty poorly after 27str, so that's 13 right there for int which is typically 3 per level up to 37)
The stab for the wa is worthless, don't use it.
Hate to break it to you but the stab IS good. If you get the Wolf ring +3 you can use the stab to trade with people using... say... Farron greatsword, or the RKUGS, and nine times out of ten it will interrupt their attack, and since you have the wolf ring on you will generally not be staggered. The attack is also great for roll catching! This weapon rewards skilled players who know how to react and counter, it isn't broken in damage and the move set isn't exactly easy to use. Great weapon!
At 40str + 40dex + 30int AR is 675 without buff and 666 buffed. Awesome weapon and, don't know why, pretty uncommon to see ppl using on PvP.
Because Split Damage
Probably cus Moonlight Greatsword
sry about wrong info below guys. At 40str + 40dex + 30int AR IS 586 without buff and 666 buffed. Got lost in the calc here.
That weapon must be buffed with satan because you got dat number every edgy teen loves: 666 (if only bloodlust could reach that for my edgy bois out there)
So I got this weapon first and oh ***** I love it for my mage build because it's looks like a claymore it's easy to trick ppl to come at you n jus let them have it the MLGS degrades way to fast for my liking
MLGS for anyone confused is the Moon Light GreatSword, not a MLG player......
Anyone else bothered by the fact that, although Sulyvahn pretty much exclusively uses this sword in thrusting attacks, the only thrusting attack that it has is the skill's light attack. (Which no one uses because why thrust when you can shoot an energy wave?)
Leo Ring with light attack weapon Art. You would think using a ring for one attack isn't a good idea, but trust me, try it out and you'll see.
This thing has poise like no tomorrow. You'll even win against some greatweapons. Need to do a *****load of damage? Standard WA with Leo Ring, Magic Clutch, and Crown of Dusk. Hold down L1, and when they go for an R1 turn their health pool into a puddle. Has huge poise on both WA's and allows you to Battlemage like no other.
IIrc, Magic Clutch is nerved in Pvp and will deal almost no extra damage, crown of dusk only buffs sorceries, not magic damage.
-> Only Leo Ring will increase your WA R1 damage in a meaningfull way (though you probably shouldn't use Leo Ring as GoJ only has one thrusting attack)
Despite it visually being a thrust, I don't believe this weapon does thrusting damage at all on the r1 weapon art, might need testing
But who uses magic clutch in PvP
if you could actually fuse this with profaned gs to make a unique weapon, i could see a mix between the Ringed Knight Paired gs, drang twinspear, and gotthard twinswords movesets, with the WA being buffing them both so you could ACTUALLY LOOK COOL
can anyone provide damage values at minimum STR and DEX, and 60 int?
504 at 55int
i got a 547 ar with 17str 15 dex 60 intellect. buffed goes around 612 ar
i wish you could fuse this with the profaned greatsword and get a duel wield greatsword of something
The Pontiff's Paired Greatswords
Is this the 3rd time you've posted this idea, or are there two other people thinking the same thing? I hope it's 3 different people, because it'd be pretty weird if it was just you...
Reasons why to choose this over MLG : Better Str and Dex scaling for melee mages, WA R1 is a thrust (Slightly more diverse at least, can get people who are slightly out of range, can combo into R1s).

Reasons not to use this over MLG : You're not a melee mage and MLG has better Int scaling