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I've reached combat level 51 now and still haven't got it.
Well I reached 71 and my friend reached 122 and we still don't have it.. having it probably is near to impossible
I met someone who had it but wasn't absolver
Me too. Im so triggered, i reached LVL 300 (!) and still dont have it WTF
Me wants
Masks are so extremely rare of a drop if you ever find a pvp drop mask you most likely will not get it I grinded until 140 for just the forrest dweller mask and I never got it I did end up getting 4 masks though.
252 CT lvls later, still looking for this mask.
You never seem to get the mask you want, I got it level 67, l'm 126 now and it's the only mask l have... I know people who've gotten over 200 and still don't have a mask.
While I'm happy to have it l would rather have gotten "Hand of Marek" or "The Golden One" masks. I feel sorry for those poor bastards who got the Motherland mask... which already looks stupid and on top of that it drops from one of the marked ones now lol
It's randomly generated as an item drop as you level up through the combat trials