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In NG, NG+ maybe, but in PVP u'll be shredded to pieces if you miss series of hits. Or u need really good armor.
not at low soul levels
This ring is boss at the mid-level pvp (about 80-90 SL) where many people have not solidified their builds yet. It essentially gives you a free 15 levels without showing on your actual level which is less important when you hit the 140 pvp level
Here it is; this ring is garbage on anyone who's not a pure mage, pyro, or cleric. The buffs don't cut it on characters that actually throw points into those stats. HOWEVER, this is a very useful item for someone who has low vigor, as the gained health offsets the damage and your max stamina increases. I used this for a time on my pure pyromancer, and it doesnt matter that the damage increases by 10% if you get two shot with or without.
Situationally great at above SL 100 or so, depending on your build. But beneath and around SL 80 the bonus levels offset the negative defenses quite effectively, making the ring pretty amazing all things considered.
VIG 25 is the max VIG where this ring provides a benefit; wearing the Prisoner's Chain gives you 109 more HP, but costs you 105.6 HP in increased damage. Any VIG higher than this is an HP loss: lower VIG offers increased gains.
I always equip this ring on my quality build coupled with life ring, ring of FaP with heavy armor to mitigate the 10% damage receive penalty
Where this ring hits you hardest is the elemental absorptions, you will find that lightning will be your biggest weakness usually.
What is ring of FaP?
Can be used in a sl1 run maybe ?
Sure, but it becomes essentially a SL16 run which is easier.
According to the upcoming patch notes, this ring is going to be buffed, in a sense-- the ring's penalties to damage absorption are going to be reduced, although the patch notes didn't specify by how much. It could be anywhere from a miniscule change to substantial.
Can confirm, the ring's innate damage increase has been reduced from 10% to 3%. WOW.


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It's getting reduced to 3%, get your chain's up boys!

Some of you might ask "why buff it now?". Well if we look at the RoF +3 it is basical an equivalent of the PC. Without the penalty making PC defacto obsolete. But with the buff now you can have it as sort of "early RoF+3" and the reduced extra damage won't stop people anymore from using it. Until they reach the Ringed City.
Equip both for a huge boost in vit end and vig
It's really good for SL 1 runs, where RoF isn't that good.
what do you mean early rof you get it WAY before the the chapion gudyr fight
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Just kill Oceiros and go to Untended Graves then kill Gundyr, it's not a hard fight
Or maybe, just maybe he already used Gundyr's soul on something else.
By my calculations, it now increases the damage the character takes by 4%. This ring is totally worth wearing, the reason for that being it raises a character's health (the actual percentage depends on the character's base stats, i.e. 8% more HP for one with 30 VIG), gives a whole chunk of stamina (especially when paired with RoF), as well as much higher DEFENSE stats which will make you take less dmg in most cases despite the absorption penalty. And btw, it doesn't matter if you wear heavy or light armor, this ring simply makes you take 4% more damage and that is truly minimal.
I dont have much defense due to fasion souls, this ring is bad for me, great for others
Even for someone doing light fashion souls it's still worth it. All you do is just keep your vigor, endurance, and vitality 5 levels lower than you normally would and you get 15 free levels to stick anywhere else while still having the same stats. This can increase your damage significantly making up for the paltry loss in defense, or you can even pop all the extra levels into more defensive attributes if you want etc..
This + Calamity Ring