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It really does look like it, only with the cape added on it. Not complaining, love that set.
Not really
This armor kind of reminds me of the three musketeers
Perhaps it's just me, but the words "Hunters" and "Borne" seem to stick out to me. The later seems especially ham-fisted, and makes me wonder if it's an intentional reference.
Cathedral knight leggings and this set's torso are a match made in heaven!
Cathedral knight leggings and this set's torso are a match made in heaven!
Does this set also offer the same critical resistance as the Assassin set does?
Sort of looks like Eileen's set from Bloodborne, just the chest I mean. The general shape of the armor is like that of the Crowfeather Garb and has the long black cape. Also the description of the armor uses the word "hunter" a lot. I'm not saying it's spot on but just reminiscent.
it uses hunter twice
bloodborne has the best looking armour in series
Reminds me of Logan's armor and hat from ds1
the robes look like an extended and more cooler version of the Assassin set



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if you remove the cape its actually a more detalied wanderers chest piece


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I heard if you read the description it tells you that is exactly what it is, It's just the assassin's armor with a nice looking cape and a fancy hat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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