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Anyone got an extra? Xbox one gt: Spitfiremar
it kills King of storm with 2xL2 XD
Well they don't call it the DRAGONSLAYERS Greataxe for nothing
weapon art is op as *****
The power level of the WA spam in PVP is over 9000. They just turbo click it until they ***** you over or you ***** them over for being as bad as their tactics.
I was dumb enough to use the Armours Soul for a couple extra levels :/
Would someone be willing to trade the Axe?
What do you play on? I'm on PS4 and wouldn't mind giving mine away.
It is the best
Lol tel meFROM Soft why put this in the game when i can just grab a straight sword?
Is it any good in the Midir fight?
Killed Midir with DSGA. 40/30 Str/Fth. Damage on the head was around 400 per hit.