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I have discovered that with enough stamina and intelligence you can one shot any player. After this weapon, DS3 PvP was destroyed, or what was left of it anyways.
So does Andre just smash titanite ontop of the arm or shove it up the open end?
Duct Tape
I see someone running around the Abyss Swamp yelling "Quit hitting yourself!!" slapping all the locusts.


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Love this weapon. Wish it was like a glove though, like the arm literally became our arm. Equipping two of these and spamming WA is incredible lol
but if it were like that, you couldn't do a last giant cosplay
Is there any reason for this to not drop from locusts? Why wouldn't we rip their arms off. What is stopping us?
What is stopping us from simply picking up boss weapons instead of transposing their souls into them?
It would be amazing if you could grab players with these and bite them if you equip them in both arms.

Let me again enlight you peasants: Bloodborne, Arm of Amygdala.
Gotta hand it to FromSoft, this is one of the oddest items throughout ALL of their games and also comes with a stick!