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Only a TRUE elite can wear this.
I love this set
Is this better than the abyss watchers set? i saw on this wiki that despite its stats the abyss watcher set was one of the best in the game, but i look at these stats and it seems this set is better, so i would just like to know witch is best.
Armor really doesn't matter you can wear what you want to



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Here's a piece of advice. No matter what you wear, something's bound to pound you into a pulp sooner or later. Armor only makes you look a little better while it happens.

They ruined the original set


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How is that even possible when it's literally the same exact appearance
It looks fat in the pics because the character was fat, not the set


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I apologise for that, my character has the burly upper body which i kinda regret because as you said it makes certain armours look fat, but the armour its self is fine
I wonder how many people miss out on this set because the anri quest is so ludicrous.
My character isn't even fat and this set adeed some necessary thickness when I wear it. Probably cus my torso and arms are a bit burly or big.
Would you rather kill Anri for this set, or complete Anri's quest line for it?
Complete her quest and marry her everytime, cuz she's my waifu. Though I guess that also counts as killing her XD
Complete quistline
im sorry for anri all of people i know got this set by killing her r.i.p Anri
Totaly worth it to kill her
dont harm the waifu/husbando D:<
If you're not digging the leather glove then swap those out with the knight gauntlets. Same goes for helmet