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The japanese translation is "Rom, the dumb Spider". So much for subtlety, japan.
I killed it/she/her and got 171941 blood echoes. Could anyone tell me what ng+ i am? I accidentally sold my nico cages
Got the kirk hammer, locked onto Rom and waited for the spiders to make a hole. Jump in, one to two hits, jump out.
"Just twat the big spider"
Confirmed with Ludwigs Holy Blade only on Phase 1.

Kill all the spiders first, then just spam charge attacks at Rom's side with the blade and bolt paper. When it tries to teleport, just keep spamming, it will be unable to teleport and will never attack you as it will be unable to reach Phase 2
this bossfight is just insulting
I feel that this boss is a case of 'Visuals first, gameplay later'. They design Rom and then had no idea how to make it into a challenging boss; so they said "***** it" and had the boss spawn in an unbearable amount of adds that deal absurd damage. If you try to deal with them first, you're butt*****ed by 100 asteroids from the boss itself. If you try and focus the boss you're gangraped by the*****ty little spiders.

I love this game but by god does it have some cheapo bosses and enemies.