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It also provides hyperarmor during the shield bash, negating most attacks.
When you do the shield bash it should become infused with lightning, that wouldve been amazing.
From really nerfed this? Why dont they correct the bs description then. Faint echoes got reduced to jack next to***** echoes. What the hell you cryptic bastards.
Wrong shield, bro. You're thinking of the Moaning Shield.
Great for cosplaying a pilgrim if you have it on the back!
Idk what people are talking about but this shields bash does in fact still knock people down.
Use against nameless king and his attacks will do barely anything to you.
You look like a big turtle with this on your back
Fitting, isn't it?
Anyone willing to hook me up with this for my build? Hoping to have both this and the weapon for NG+
Get it yourself
Kinda ironic how this "Dragonslayer Greatshield" is actually a Dragonslayerslayer Greatshield, perfect for Nameless King and Dragonslayer Armor(in DLC or NG+)but sucks against dragons.
wish they hadnt removed the weapon art
Just so you know, it was fixed on a latter patch.