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Hi! I'm three items away from platinum. Anyone here up for trading? European server.
Things I need:
soulbrandt+false king's soul OR north regalia
friend's ring
marrowstone chunk OR fully upgraded marrowstone weapon
I can just borrow them and then give them back.

What I can offer in return:
Except for the marrowstone chunk I have at least one of every single upgrade stone (yes including pure bladestone). Once I get the weapons trophy I can drop some of my weapons as well. And rings.
My characters are around SL 150 but if needed I can level up more.
I'm playing from Europe - I don't know much how the servers work but apparently I will not be able to connect with a North American user :/ It works fine with other Europeans tho.


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Hi, I have everything you need and I need Pure Bladestone. EU, SL 155, (PSN: SerekTheSkate). Send message to my PSN.